From Concept to Launch: WebMarketers’ 21-Step Web Design Process Explained

As an integrated process that involves strategic planning and intentional design, crafting a website can be tricky. Without a clear roadmap or coordinated execution, the design and implementation of a website can easily yield ineffective and unavailing results. You’re in luck, however…web design does not have to be a stressful undertaking of speculative investment with […]

How a Careers Page Helps Your Company Hire

Your website is the first impression people get of your company’s culture and operations. Social media, job ads, and word of mouth are great ways to attract candidates to apply for open positions. Regardless of how they found out about the job, they will end up on your website at some point. A well-designed careers […]

Tips for Effectively Establishing Your Brand

establishing a brand

As a business owner, you’ve probably heard the word “brand” an endless number of times. Today “branding” is one of the most popular business buzzwords, especially with the boom in e-Commerce and social media platforms, and online design services, such as 99designs and Fiverr, producing 1,000s of branded experiences a week. However, with this rapid […]

6 Effective SEO Tactics to Boost Your Digital Marketing Strategy

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a component of digital marketing that many business owners do not always take full advantage of. Picture this: you’ve moved into a new town and you’re looking for a physiotherapist. What you’ll probably do is Google the words “physio clinic” or “physiotherapist near me” and look through a couple […]

5 Google Ads Best Practices for 2022

Since its introduction in 2000, Google Ads has changed and been updated in countless ways. These changes include not only expanding the way that it serves ads but expanding the very types of ads that can be run on the platform. What began as pay-per-impression bidding on search ads evolved into pay per click, and […]

Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager Setup Process

Section 1: What You’ll Need In order to set up Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, you will need the following: Access to your Google account Access to the CMS of the website (WordPress, Strapi, Wix, etc.) The Google Tag Assistant Chrome Extension Section 2: Google Tag Manager Account Setup Navigate to Sign in […]

The 5 Steps that Make People Buy More From Your Google Ads Campaign

Good digital marketing is all about alignment.  Alignment between the keywords that users search, the ads they see, and the landing page experience that is delivered. Thanks to stricter ad requirements from Google Ads, most ads today must be relevant to the keywords a user has searched or they won’t be displayed. It’s what happens […]

Why Is Your Direct Traffic Climbing in Google Analytics 4?

google analytics 4

Anyone who works in digital marketing, or knows a thing or two about it, knows that Google Analytics continues to be the industry standard for tracking and measuring website traffic and behaviour to gather page insights and make informed marketing decisions. In 2022, businesses and marketers alike need to be thinking about making the switch […]

16 Reasons to Hire a Professional if You’re Going to Run Google Ads

You’ve probably worked with an investment advisor to maximize the growth of your retirement portfolio, even though the banks offer you all the tools for you to do it yourself. You probably have an accountant to manage your books and taxes, even though tools like QuickBooks and SimpleTax allow you to do it yourself. You’ve […]

7 Insider Secrets to SEO Success

Like most website owners, you’d love to attract more traffic from Google. The only challenge is developing a strategy that will actually work. Doesn’t it seem like everyone has their own “magic recipe” for success these days? As a fellow business owner that began with a non-internet service business, I understand the challenges posed by […]