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Mission Statement

Create an unfair advantage

A laid back yet high performance atmosphere

We’re looking for A-Players. If you are excited by the challenge of working in a fast-paced startup environment, then you will likely fit in with the team at WebMarketers. While we may give off a casual-yet-confident vibe, we’re a numbers oriented team, driven to get the job done at a high level.

If you think you have a unique, yet refined skill-set, then we welcome you to explore one of our current openings.

Results Based

We are a data-driven team focused on producing tangible results for our clients.  Building, tracking and optimizing marketing campaigns that are profitable are a top priority for us, and a big reason why our clients choose our services in the first place.  If you are the analytical type, with a knack for creative marketing, you could be a good addition to our team.

Team Culture

As a laid back high performing team, we all recognize that results are our number one priority.  We are a competitive team, and when our clients win, we win! (who likes to lose, anyways?)  We also like to celebrate our successes – check out last years team retreat for a week in the sun in Cancun Mexico!


We look for good people, with bright minds, rather than credentials. Do you have a skillset that can help other businesses succeed?


We look for hard worker with good communication skills and a proven ability to help others grow their business online.


Do you view the world through a digital lens?  Perhaps you fall asleep thinking about design, coding, marketing or sales? We do!

Digital Marketing Careers

What are we looking for?

Immediately Ottawa
2-6 months Ottawa
Immediate Canada
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