WebMarketers 3.0 – Looking Back & Moving Forward

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Reimagine Your Business in 2023.

Explore the Best Digital Experiences of 2022

As we settle into 2023, we’ve sat back to reflect on what a fantastic year 2022 was!

We celebrated a merger with Atomic Motion in style at our September office party, and have big plans for the year ahead. This past year has also presented many opportunities for us to give back and get involved in our community. We have supported Athletes Combatting Racism, CHEO, University of Ottawa Heart Institute, Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation, Ottawa Food Bank, and The Ottawa Mission.

We have worked with countless incredible businesses to achieve their digital marketing goals over the past year. We have enjoyed working with each and every client from small to enterprise-level businesses.


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Merging With the Best in Ottawa

A Merger Worthy of Attention – As Featured in the OBJ

This year was memorable for many reasons. One of our proudest accomplishments to date has been our merger with Atomic Motion. The Web Development firm boasts more than two decades of experience and a client list including big names like Toyota, Google, Canadian Blood Services, Global Affairs Canada, and NASA.

This merger has allowed us to offer a larger and more refined suite of services and has opened the scope of our work going forward. As we head into 2023, our focus is on four pillars: Technology, Marketing, Intelligence, and Creative.




Universal Stone – After Going Viral

Optimizing the Buying Experience for Customers

Universal Stone is on a mission to clean the world green with their sponges and cleaning stones. After their product went viral on TikTok, they had a surge of online orders. It was at this point that they realized their website needed more than a quick tidy, and came to us to work from a clean slate.

Our web developers delivered a custom website, full of animated elements and product pages that enable customers to browse and purchase their products in a thoughtful and straightforward way. Thanks to Phantom Productions, their products shine on their website with updated photos and an enticing video banner.


IMEX AGRO – Redefining a Brand

Producing a “Fresh” Brand With Stylescapes & Videography

When working with IMEX AGRO, we knew we wanted to bring them unique, interesting concepts that would catapult their brand into the future. To achieve this, we had two of our designers go head-to-head to create unique stylescapes. This pushed the limits of creativity and helped shape the look and feel of their website. As a finishing touch, Phantom Productions outdid themselves with the video on their new website home page, sourcing footage from their farms in South America.

Volante – 100 Reasons to Evolve

Meeting Accessibility Standards With Style

Companies in Ontario with more than 100 employees recently had to adhere to new AODA regulations to ensure their websites meet accessibility standards. This has been a driving factor for businesses of this size to update their existing websites or design new ones.

Volante Software Inc. was motivated to re-do their website for this reason but also wanted to use it as an opportunity to upgrade the content, design and overall website performance to create an overall better user experience. We delivered a new 35-page website that was accessible and functional that aligns with the heart of their brand.


Archdiocese – Shifting an Overarching Brand

Religiously Believing in the Process

The Archdiocese of Ottawa-Cornwall came to us looking for a shift in their brand, we were able to help them achieve this through a variety of services including:

Creative rebrand
• New logo design
Branding education sessions with their staff
Promotional swag design
Video and photoshoots in collaboration with Phantom Productions
Organic social media management on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn

With all of this on the go, the Archdiocese needed a place to showcase and promote their new brand. We created a new bilingual website from the ground up and built a secondary fundraising website to assist with their 2022 initiatives.

With their new brand soft launching in recent weeks, we look forward to the formal launch of their new website later in January.




Trexity – Delivering Results B2B

Making Deliveries Less Complexity With Trexity

Trexity is a last-mile delivery service that offers a flat-rate pricing model and enables merchants like never before. Founded on the realization that the majority of merchants were being underserved and had overall negative experiences with damaged goods, and slow shipping times, Trexity offers high-quality, same-day delivery that enables merchants to grow their business. We have helped them create and execute a well-rounded marketing strategy. Starting with creating their customer personas, we were able to identify where their audience lives and interacts online, and implement a strategy to reach them that includes:

Paid social media and Google Ads
SEO optimizations
Content marketing


NAC – Advertising to Local Masses

Mastering the Art of Google Ads

The National Arts Centre needs no introduction in Ottawa. The NAC is Canada’s bilingual, multi-disciplinary home for the performing arts. The NAC creates, presents, produces and co-produces events across many disciplines of the arts. They also provide programs to help inspire passion in the arts, offering learning programs, student matinees to events, and much more.

With such a large organization that needed help promoting all of their disciplines, WebMarketers conducted a complete audit of their Google Ads accounts, identified where their strengths and opportunities were, and formulated and implemented an optimization strategy. As a result, we were able to do the following for the NAC’s Google Ads campaigns:

• Implement a whole new account structure to keep campaigns and budgets for each disciplinary department organized and simple to manage.
Increase awareness & ticket sales for events, selling thousands of tickets for NAC events since September 2022.
• Achieved a conversion rate of nearly 30% across all ad campaigns.


Coco Tile – Hacking the Algorithm

Keeping a Finger on the Pulse of Social Media Trends

Coco Tile is renowned as the top high-end tile installation company in Ottawa and the surrounding areas. They wanted their Instagram presence to reflect that as they continue to grow their large audience and customer base. We implemented a robust Instagram management plan that consists of:

• 3 reels per week
• 3 posts per week
• 3 stories or story sets per week

This plan has helped achieve significant audience growth, post reach and impressions, and has solidified their brand among worldwide tile suppliers and helped them stand out even more from other local tile installers.


Paramount Properties –
Ottawa’s Local Experts

Knowing & Catering to Your Audience is Paramount

If you have ever looked for an apartment to rent in Ottawa, chances are you are familiar with Paramount Properties. With properties all around Ottawa, they have a strong brick-and-mortar presence and in the age of rental-property search engines, needed to mirror that online and stand out from the crowd. Through paid social media ads, we help them advertise apartments that are available to rent, reaching specific demographics using audience targeting.

Paramount Properties doesn’t only offer rentals; to help set them apart, we have also positioned them as local experts in living in Ottawa on social media. Through engaging and timely reels, they are imparting valuable insights for those looking to move to Ottawa and locals alike.


Universal Stone – A Universal Plan

Leaving No “Stones” Unturned with Email Marketing

Universal Stone is a client that has utilized a broad range of our offerings. On top of their website development, WebMarketers was instrumental to solidifying their brand online through:

• Ongoing email marketing
Facebook ad campaign coinciding with the launch of their website
User-generated content creation showcasing the many uses of their products for their social media pages


Red Rooster – The Perfect Fit

A Brand You Won’t “FORE”get

WebMarketers started managing Google Ads campaigns for Red Rooster in July of 2022. Our strategy included implementing search and shopping campaigns to promote their line of golf gloves. Through ongoing management and optimization of these campaigns, WebMarketers was able to achieve the following results for Red Rooster within 6 months:

• Over 350 sales of their products
• More than $10,000 in revenue added to their business
• A 2.4x return on ad spend

Red Rooster set out to solve a common problem that most golfers face; finding a golf glove that fits. With extensive research, attention to website design, and following best SEO practices, the WebMarketers team was able to create a comprehensive “Golf Glove Sizing Chart” that helps golfers find the perfect golf glove size. This resource continues to rank on the first page of Google and has been seen by over 11,000+ golfers!


Cannabis Stores – High Creativity

Becoming Trailblazers in a Saturated Market

Every which way you turn in your city or town, you’ll likely see an existing cannabis store or a new one under development. With an overcrowded market, it’s important to stand out. The WebMarketers team has been able to consistently provide creative and engaging email marketing content for the Oz Store & Mota to set themselves apart.

With colourful graphics, catchy slogans, and engaging designs, we’ve been able to create a consistent revenue stream for cannabis dispensaries that has revolutionized the effectiveness of having an online store. Having a consistent stream of creative new content is a must for any business looking to be a leader in their industry.


Premium Meats – Needing to Adjust

“The New Normal” – Leaving Brick & Mortar Behind

As business owners were forced to close their doors at the start of the pandemic, Slipacoff’s Premium Meats was focused to pivot from their traditional ‘brick and mortar’ business model to an online storefront.

With that vision in mind, WebMarketers created a multi-platform strategy that maximized online sales. A mix of organic and paid strategies, social media marketing, email campaigns, and a brand-new website, we were able to provide an ROI that surpassed all expectations. We helped Premium Meats deliver over 13,000 orders annually, created a 59% increase in sales generated from email marketing, and provided ~12.5x return on ad spend between Facebook and Google ads.




Powerhaus – Powerful Content

Capturing the Essence of a Powerhouse Fitness Studio

In the final quarter of the year, we began working with Powerhaus, a small-group fitness studio here in Ottawa that promises to be “The best hour of your day.” With the ambitious goal to significantly grow their business by the end of the year, we knew we were the right team to take this on.

Phantom Productions made several visits to the studio to really understand the vibe of the classes offered and captured this essence in a video that has been used on their website, which our SEO and Development teams helped to optimize, and our marketing team used in paid social media ads. With the attention and expertise of each of our departments, we helped Powerhaus thrive and achieve their growth goals.


Reliance Carpentry – Building Trust

Framing a Story & Personifying a Brand

Reliance Carpentry is known as Ottawa’s premium framing experts. They were not looking for your average website with a basic overview of services and a contact form. They wanted to personify their brand, educate about their processes, and tell their company’s story. With the help of Phantom Productions, videos have been produced that effectively showcase who Reliance Carpentry is and what they do.


Enviro Centre – The Impact of Video

Breaking the Barriers to Sustainable Communities

Enviro Centre is a client who came to us looking for one service but really needed another. Originally seeking photos to showcase their business, we guided them towards video which was a more emotive and effective way to show the impact they have on our community. With the goal of gaining awareness for environmental sustainability, this became a multi-video project to highlight the variety of initiatives they are involved in.

Enviro Centre aims to offer approachable, barrier-free opportunities to learn about sustainable solutions. These videos which are now on their website, YouTube, and social media pages are a first step towards reaching more people in the community in this way.


NexGen – See/Hear the Difference

10 Days, 12 Locations, Countless Content

Have you ever wondered how batch-creating photo and video content can benefit your business?

In one 10-day shoot Phantom Productions produced more than 12 videos with NexGen Hearing, each with a specific purpose and message. Each video was filmed in different offices located in a variety of regions of British Columbia, and in local studios. This took meticulous planning and a detailed shot list so that each day of shooting went smoothly and efficiently.

By creating all of these videos in one go, NexGen Hearing now has a bank of content that is used on their website, in advertising, on social media, and more.


Coco Tile – Adding Dimension

Creating Custom Content for a Luxury Brand

What sets a luxury brand apart from its entry-level counterparts on social media? Strong, professional, curated content. With a tasteful and attentive eye, Phantom Productions has captured the exceptional beauty of Coco Tile’s work on an ongoing basis for social media and their website. The addition of artistically animated elements creates an eye-catching and educational dimension to the photo and video content we have produced.

Kellylee Evans – Larger Than Life

An Album Cover on the National Arts Centre’s Big Screen

Phantom Productions began working with Juno award-winning singer and composer, Kellylee Evans, on the album cover for her newest record, Green Light. On top of the album cover, they also shot photos for her other marketing materials. One of the photos has been featured on the NAC’s big screens facing Ottawa’s Elgin St. to advertise her upcoming performance.





Tehama – Animating Education

Simplifying Technology Using Animation

Tehama was approaching the public release of two new technology offerings when they approached WebMarketers with a specific ask. With websites already set to launch, what they needed were educational videos and resources to help drive the public toward these sites.

Using animation, we created videos that provided an overview of each technology as well as gifs that became social media content that linked back to the websites. These animations were sophisticated and involved many layers to effectively explain each technology in a fun and straightforward way.


Animated Logos – Be Memorable

Showcase Your Brand’s Personality

Animated logos are quickly becoming one of the most essential assets a business can have in its digital arsenal.

The quick clips are the perfect way to showcase your brand’s personality and values and can be used in a variety of ways. It can be a visual feature on your website, an addition to your e-signature, the intro or outro to your videos, and more.


The Grand Hotel – A Virtual Tour

An Immersive Experience From the Comfort of Your Home

Deep in the Ottawa Valley in a town called Carleton Place, you can find a historic wedding venue, The Grand Hotel. It is not only a wedding venue but also a pub and as its name implies, a hotel. It is a local staple and a tourist attraction alike. In the aftermath of the pandemic where some are cautious of extra excursions and for guests coming from afar, The Grand Hotel was looking for an immersive digital way to experience their hotel.

We created a virtual tour of their space using the technology of Matterport. The tour now lives on their website and offers future brides, grooms, and hotel guests a way to walk around the venue without actually setting foot inside.


Big Screen Dreams

Coming Soon to the Banff Film Festival & South By Southwest

Chris Roussakis, Partner & Chief Creative Director of Phantom Productions and Ross Rebagliati, Canadian Olympic Gold Medalist, connected during the Beijing Winter Olympics and have stayed in touch ever since. During a business trip to British Columbia, they agreed to meet and catch up. It was then that an idea sparked, there was an opportunity to create something together.

Without an end concept in mind, the story unfolded as their work progressed. The end result is a 32-minute documentary, NAGANO TILL NOW, submitted to the 2023 international film festival circuit, including SXSW and Banff Film Festival.




The Evolution of an Enterprise

Processes of evolution are defined by adaptations provoked by external or environmental influences. These changes are meant to facilitate the survival and prosperity of an entity within their unique conditions of existence.

When one considers the evolution of a thing, one must consider, first, the conditions or “selective pressures” that prompted these adaptive changes.

What force is so strong that it prompts such a fundamental transformation of self? Can this magic of modification be attributed to some form of self-possession? Is it an actualization of will? A will to become, a will to be, or a will to express oneself in a most earnest reflection of capability?

I ask this in query…what selective pressures cultivated the conditions of WebMarketers’ evolution as a company? What spurs the evolution of an enterprise? It seems like an easy question with an even easier answer, but when your enterprise is fueled by motivations beyond that of capital gain…the answer is not so easily revealed.

In celebrating the unimaginable accomplishments and successes hard-earned, as well as the collective experiences had in 2022, we enthusiastically welcome the new year and the unbridled potential that 365 days have to offer.

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we introduce to you the next evolution of the company: WebMarketers 3.0.

We are beyond excited to unveil this next phase of WebMarketers’ growth to you. It is a significant moment in this company’s burgeoning history- our launch complex, if you will, where we have positioned ourselves to shoot for the moon and beyond.


This next phase of WebMarketers’ growth comprises the merging of four industry-leading web service companies under one roof. Without compromising on quality or attentive individualized service, WebMarketers, AtomicX, Atomic Motion, and Phantom Productions have synergized forces to create the best full-service state-of-the-art facility for digital marketing that the Ottawa Capital Region has to offer.

WebMarketers 3.0 functions to trailblaze an innovative approach to the digital marketing “agency,” pioneering a cutting-edge future of customized full-service solutions.

With the acquisition and merging of the three best tech companies in the city, WebMarketers’ service capabilities have grown exponentially. In combining diverse industry-leading expertise, each sector of the company contributes invaluable service offerings to any project embarked on and fortifies our keen ability to identify our client’s true needs and deliver exceptional, well-rounded, quantitative results.

WebMarketers 3.0 describes a revised, refreshed, and all-new array of industry-leading service capabilities including digital asset production by our in-house media company, Phantom Productions, website and app development services by our technology development company, Atomic Motion, and state-of-the-art tech intelligence and data management by AtomicX. These all-new service capabilities are, of course, in combination with WebMarketers’ industry-leading digital marketing service offerings, which only continue to grow in scope, expertise, and quality.

WebMarketers’ evolution from a single-service SEO marketing agency to a complete digital services company in the tech, marketing, and creative domains was spurred by the desire to provide the best services possible for our clients. Our genuine passion to build the best digital experiences and to help our clients create an unfair advantage for their businesses fundamentally influenced the direction and velocity of WebMarketers’ evolution.

When considering the evolution of WebMarketers as an enterprise, the conditions or “selective pressures” that prompted our adaptive changes are rooted in the desire to provide a superior quality of services and solutions in every regard.

This next phase of the company and our ‘transformation of self’ is a direct result of our dedication to facilitating the successes of our clients and the desire to express our company’s identity through an earnest display of our service capabilities.

Thank YOU, for choosing to support and work with WebMarketers in 2022. Without you, we could not have had the year we did. We look forward to continuing to provide the best in Technology, Marketing, Intelligence, and Creative.

Happy New Year, we hope to work with you in 2023!

If you have a new project you would like to talk about, reach us here.