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Scrap My Car

Scrap My Car offers car owners cash to remove their unwanted vehicles across Ottawa and Gatineau. Scrap My Car then disposes of the car in an environmentally friendly manner. If you have a running or broken down vehicle that’s taking up space in your driveway, give Scrap My Car a call today!


The Challenges They Faced

Non-Responsive Design

Scrap My Car needed a new website to replace an outdated and non-responsive website. Their old website had a conversion rate of around 7%, which we felt could be made much higher with a more professionally designed website.

Google Ads

The business owner was running his own Google Ads, and he wanted us to take over management of them to relieve him of that duty and free up more time for managing his crew and picking up cars.

The Solution

Site Redesign

Our goal was to keep the new website focused on increasing website conversions using a easy to use layout and incorporating trust building elements

  • Created a more inviting and simple layout
  • Added trust-building elements
  • Strategically placed call to actions to allow users to reach out
  • Made the website fully responsive to fit all screen sizes

Rebuilt Google Ads Campaign

WebMarketers scrapped, no pun intended, the old campaign and build him a shiny, more profitable campaign giving the owner more time to accommodate leads.

  • Improved location targeting, ad copy, and the quality scores of each ad.
  • Increased contact form conversion rate  from 7% to 14.60%

The Results

By improving the design and user experience of Scrap My Car’s website, as well as overhauling their Google Ads campaign, WebMarketers was able to take their modest conversion rate and send it through the roof. This allowed Scrap My Car to have a huge return on their marketing investment.

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