Conversion Science Part 5: Conversion Optimization Best Practices

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While a lot of what we’ve talked about so far will contribute to a winning experience for your customers, certain conversion optimization tactics should be considered independently.

Rule of Thumb: Unless you sell a very exclusive product or service, you will almost always benefit from having a professionally designed and integrated contact form on each product/service page.  

This is one of the most common mistakes we see from companies investing into Google Ads.  The landing page doesn’t allow me to convert!

“Make it easy for customers to give you their contact information.”

Whether this contact form is positioned at the top of the page, bottom, or even both will depend on the type of landing page experience you’re looking to provide but you would be surprised at how much conversion rates drop when you make visitors click to a generic form on a different page.

The reality is that the vast majority of Google searches direct visitors to the page that is most relevant to their search, which most often, isn’t your homepage.  Thus, it’s important to treat each product or service page (which is likely where your visitors will enter your site) with an experience that’s conducive to converting. That often means providing a similar level of care for the design and information that you might put into your homepage.

Here is our landing page conversion optimization checklist: 

  1. Clear Heading & supporting sub-heading, but not too much text
  2. Relevant (ideally personalized) images or video throughout
  3. Call-to-actions (with one above the fold)
  4. Client reviews
  5. Galleries, Caste Studies or examples of past work
  6. Qualifications, associations or other accreditations
  7. Your process
  8. Next Steps / Future pacing (as if they’ve already committed)
  9. Areas you Serve (also great for micro SEO rankings)

The more you can make a visitor feel like they’re imagining themselves becoming a customer, the more emotionally involved they become, and the more likely they are to convert.  This is why many keen businesses are investing into video to enhance the visual nature of what they sell.

What should your conversion rates be on a well optimized site?  Let me leave you with some industry standard benchmarks from our clients:

Services/Trades: 7-15% Conv. Rate.

Professional Services: 4-8% Conv. Rate.

E-commerce 2-3% Conv. Rate