Conversion Science Part 7: Overview Of Analytics & Conversion Tracking

  We’re going to keep this blog brief with a note on conversion tracking. While about 9/10 websites I encounter daily have Google Analytics setup, only 2/10 of them are tracking conversion properly.  Admittedly, it can be difficult to set up, but it is absolutely paramount if you want to know the original source of […]

Conversion Science Part 6: Site-Wide SEO Best Practises

title of blog post: essential SEO considerations

I’ve got a whole guide on this topic (7 Insider Secrets to SEO Success) so this blog will remain focused on the most essential elements we haven’t yet covered. Page Titles This is the first thing the users (and Google) will read about a particular page on your site.  As the cover of your book […]

Conversion Science Part 5: Conversion Optimization Best Practices

  While a lot of what we’ve talked about so far will contribute to a winning experience for your customers, certain conversion optimization tactics should be considered independently. Rule of Thumb: Unless you sell a very exclusive product or service, you will almost always benefit from having a professionally designed and integrated contact form on […]

Conversion Science Part 4: Crafting an Intuitive User-Experience

  We’ve all been on sites where the branding and style are immediate to us what the website was all about.  Perhaps it was geared towards shopping, a small business, software, blogging, social media, etc. Standard Conventions While we’ve talked a lot about making your brand stand out, it is also important that you follow […]

Conversion Science Part 3: Creating Unique Content

  When it comes to content, we’ve talked about the importance of the principle of show don’t tell. You have no choice but to be real with your customers in order to make a lasting impression.   Content is more than just words.  It’s image galleries, before/after, case studies, testimonials, reviews, video and sometimes interactive media! […]

Conversion Science Part 2: Incorporating Great Branding

  With the average consumer being bombarded with between 4,000 and 10,000 advertising messages in a day, it is essential that your branding is impactful. It’s no secret that customers tend to favour good brands. But what exactly is a brand and what makes us feel this way? A brand is often defined as a […]

Conversion Science Part 1: Choosing the Right Platform

  Before starting any web project you’ll want to give careful consideration for your choice in web platform.  You want to make sure that it is capable of everything you’ll want from it over the coming years so that you aren’t forced into a re-development sooner than you have to be. The most important factors […]