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The Contractor Marketing Blueprint

When it comes to digital marketing for contractors, having the proper blueprint for success will allow your business to turn marketing dollars into new leads and new clients. Here at WebMarketers we pride ourselves on having a winning system that will take your business to new heights! With the help of our turnkey solutions proven to help contractors grow their business into titans of the construction industry, you can expect to:

Instantly generate more site traffic

Turn more website visitors into Leads

Convert More Leads into Customers

Easily hire new employees to scale


Steps To Success

Create a Customized Blueprint With Us

Using our core values and our tried and true methods, you will work with our contractor marketing team to tailor a plan of action, and fully customize the experience to your needs!

Lay the Foundation (Website)

Before driving new traffic to your site, we will collaborate on a new, fully optimized site to maximize the impact of your online presence and set the stage for the next phase of your ever growing business.

Build It, And They Will Come (Ads)

Using our perfected methods of targeted advertising, we will put out Google, Instagram and Facebook ads where needed to drive a much higher quantity of traffic to your site, generating business immediately.

Make your business #1!

Paid ads are instant traffic, but organic leads can grow every month and are a sustainable asset. Our SEO experts will ensure your website consistently generates more organic traffic and more organic leads month after month. Not only are organic leads a sustainable source of business, appearing on the first page of Google for key search terms goes a long way to building your brand as the leading contractor in your city.

Manage Your Ever-Building Client Base

With increased business you’ll need to increase your ability to handle all of the jobs coming in. It’s important to have a system in place to manage all your new clients and with a fully integrated Customer Relationship Management tool in place, you will have no problem effortlessly communicating and building relationships. Save yourself time, improve your client’s experience, and make more money on each job with an integrated CRM.

Set the Stage With An Easy Booking System

One of the biggest advantages of a trust building website is how much faster leads will turn into customers. Let your website be your best salesperson! Spend less time on the phone scheduling meetings with potential clients with a simple, streamlined booking system that will do that for you!

The Reviews Are In!

Working with us, all publicity will be good publicity! Our review management tools and processes works to filter negative reviews and make sure positive reviews are posted online. This is the fastest way to build your review profile online, while still getting the feedback you need to improve your service.

How We Do It:

Construct a New Website

Our website team takes care of everything from start to launch, get the website you want with no hassle. Talk to an expert today to get started.

Generate Targeted Traffic

Our experts ensure the traffic coming to your site is relevant, and targeted. With our custom reporting platform and dedicated account managers, you’ll be in the loop every step of the way.

Manage Your Leads

Our lead management system is completely customizable to meet your businesses specific needs. Let our team help setup and integrate the best lead management tool for your business.

Work With the Best

The WebMarketers team is a diverse group that has capabilities beyond what a single marketing manager can provide. Get the specialized expertise your business needs to grow today.

Game Changing Website Renos

Develeko is a unique construction company, as one of the founding partners is an architect who focuses heavily on the design portion of any project. This allows them to get involved in projects in the early design phases, rather than later once all major decisions have been made. This also has the side effect of limiting their target market to custom homes or complete redesigns, meaning the website had to be specific to their target market.

Develeko had specific goals for their new website, wanting to showcase the expanded capabilities they had along with making a statement for their brand. With custom intake forms, a highly visual website, and very distinctive branding elements Develeko received the perfect website.

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Magnolia is a high end construction company that is focused on large renovations and construction projects. It was important to the client that the website really communicated the quality of their work. The approach our designers took was to make the website as visual as possible, drawing users attention to actual photos of Magnolia Constructions past work.

With the excellent images, and a bright colour pallet, our team was able to produce an excellent website that builds trust, showcases the high quality work, and converts at a high rate.

For marketing we used a combination of services; Google Ads and SEO. Working in tandem we were able to instantly produce traffic and leads as well as build sustainable organic traffic over time.

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For Enviro Painting our aim was to create a very cost effective website that was purely focused on converting traffic into leads at a high rate. Trust building elements were also important, as an interior painting company building trust is critical to turning leads into customers.

At the end of the day the client didn’t need the most artistic website in the world, they just wanted it work. Accompanying it they wanted an extensive Google ad campaign that could instantly generate the traffic they needed to grow their business.

The result was a 13.92% conversion rate, 1500+ leads in the first year, and a very happy client.

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Build a Better Path To Success Now!

People have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing a contractor, which is why having the proper building blocks in place is so important for building your business and your brand. Contact us today and let us show you how working with us to build a new path for your online presence not only makes sense, it is exactly what you have been looking for!

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