From Concept to Launch: WebMarketers’ 21-Step Web Design Process Explained

As an integrated process that involves strategic planning and intentional design, crafting a website can be tricky. Without a clear roadmap or coordinated execution, the design and implementation of a website can easily yield ineffective and unavailing results. You’re in luck, however…web design does not have to be a stressful undertaking of speculative investment with […]

The Future of Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is the math behind the phrase “history repeats itself”. While data itself has been around forever, we haven’t always had the tools to get the most out of it. Now, using predictive analytics you can unlock a whole wealth of information from your previously raw data. Predictive analytics uses statistical algorithms, machine learning […]

The Social Market Paradigm

No one is questioning the power of SMM (Social Media Marketing), but there are mixed opinions on how the next iteration will unfold. At WebMarkerters, we’ve been closely attuned to the nuances of its on-going evolution and more importantly, where it’s going. Our acquisition of Media Launch in 2020 allowed us to fully integrate their […]

Getting Ahead With CDAP: Grant Funding to Help Your Business’ Technology & Marketing

As the best full-service facility for digital marketing that the Ottawa Capital Region (OCR) has to offer, WebMarketers is constantly investing our time into developing trailblazing strategic avenues to find value for our clients. Through comprehensive, thorough, and inclusive approaches, WebMarketers maintains an unwavering value-driven momentum towards discovering innovative value propositions that leave nothing to […]

The Transition to Google Analytics 4

With Google Analytics being the gold standard for measuring website traffic, gleaning page insights with thorough analyses, and informing marketing decisions, we are living in a very interesting time right now. Wondering why that’s the case? Well, if you haven’t heard, Google has released the latest version of the Google Analytics platform, Google Analytics 4 […]

The 5 Steps that Make People Buy More From Your Google Ads Campaign

Good digital marketing is all about alignment.  Alignment between the keywords that users search, the ads they see, and the landing page experience that is delivered. Thanks to stricter ad requirements from Google Ads, most ads today must be relevant to the keywords a user has searched or they won’t be displayed. It’s what happens […]

Tag, You’re It! Why Your Business Should be Remarketing

why your business should be remarketing

Remember the last time you were shopping for something online and then you suddenly “couldn’t escape the ads”? They somehow seemed to follow you around all the websites, apps and social media platforms you used, right? This, my friends, is called remarketing. What is Remarketing? Remarketing, sometimes referred to as retargeting, is the practice of […]

Conversion Science Part 1: Choosing the Right Platform

  Before starting any web project you’ll want to give careful consideration for your choice in web platform.  You want to make sure that it is capable of everything you’ll want from it over the coming years so that you aren’t forced into a re-development sooner than you have to be. The most important factors […]

Know Your Numbers

Create an Unfair Advantage by Turning Digital Marketing into Profits If you’re looking for a better understanding of how to turn your digital marketing systems into PROFITS, then keep reading. This article contains easy-to-understand information that you can start applying to your business right away.  This is the information that most other agencies and digital […]