From Concept to Launch: WebMarketers’ 21-Step Web Design Process Explained

As an integrated process that involves strategic planning and intentional design, crafting a website can be tricky. Without a clear roadmap or coordinated execution, the design and implementation of a website can easily yield ineffective and unavailing results. You’re in luck, however…web design does not have to be a stressful undertaking of speculative investment with […]

Tips for Effectively Establishing Your Brand

establishing a brand

As a business owner, you’ve probably heard the word “brand” an endless number of times. Today “branding” is one of the most popular business buzzwords, especially with the boom in e-Commerce and social media platforms, and online design services, such as 99designs and Fiverr, producing 1,000s of branded experiences a week. However, with this rapid […]

The Creative Mindset – Podcast

On this episode of The Creative Mindset we sit down with my very good friend/ business partner, Kyle Smendziuk. We talk about Kyle’s entrepreneurial timeline starting with his childhood lawn care business and how that lead him to where he is today.

Conversion Science Part 2: Incorporating Great Branding

  With the average consumer being bombarded with between 4,000 and 10,000 advertising messages in a day, it is essential that your branding is impactful. It’s no secret that customers tend to favour good brands. But what exactly is a brand and what makes us feel this way? A brand is often defined as a […]