Shop All Cars

Shop All Cars was a brand new service that allowed users to browse all new car makes and models, and book meetings at local dealerships. The problem was, the domain had no history and the website was starting from ground zero organically.

Warmstone Family Dentistry

Warmstone has been Ottawa’s fastest growing dental clinic for the past 3 years due to their different approach to their patient’s experience. They provide a spa-like dental experience for patients in Ottawa with state of the art technology, equipment, facilities, and patient care services.

NexGen Hearing

NexGen Hearing was looking to reinvigorate a large Google ad campaign across western Canada, with ambitious cost-per-lead targets.

Matching and controlling spend figures and cost per conversion across all franchisees was a unique challenge that required intimate knowledge of how to properly position their services to an older clientele across cities with very different demographics.

Magnolia Construction

Magnolia Construction is a highly regarded construction and renovation company in Ottawa, that exclusively completes large jobs that require multiple specialized trades. With a large team at their disposal, Magnolia Construction requires a high volume of large renovations.

Enviropure Home Cleaning

Building upon a very successful home cleaning business in Ottawa, and expanding the brand to new cleaning services such as carpet cleaning. Taking a recurring service and adding on one time special cleanings as a brand extension while preserving and growing the existing brand was an interesting challenge the WebMarketers team was eager to take on.


Develeko is a unique construction and renovation company that gets involved in projects early on and assists with the early stages of large projects.

Develeko is uniquely capable of this as one of the founding partners is an architect who focuses heavily on the design portion of any project.


With a well designed brand, Lumberjaxe wanted a website that could bring it to life and a marketing campaign that would grow their business with a younger audience in two different countries.

Groovy Yurts

To build a presence that generates traffic online, and builds enough trust on the website for a user to purchase a big-ticket item without seeing the product in person. A secondary challenge was to help Groovy Yurts streamline their internal sales process, separating sales of new yurts and parts requests in a CRM.

Escape Adventures

Escape Adventures is a very seasonal business where there is a short window to book courses, meaning there was little room for optimizations and success from day 1 was critical. WebMarketers was engaged right before this window was opening, meaning there was a tight window for planning and research.

Enviro Painting

Enviro Painting was looking to generate as many painting leads as possible for $35 a lead, prioritizing indoor residential painting. Once this was established, we worked to grow the campaign to include niche services such as stucco/stipple removal and garage epoxy sealing.