Top 10 Architects’ Web Design Examples

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Nowadays, website design has become equally important as your content’s quality.

While things like colour scheme, layout, font, and photos draw people to your website, having a functional and easy-to-navigate site will keep your audience from pressing the exit button.

Every architect knows that first impressions are essential, with your website acting as a portfolio for potential clients. When you search up “architects” on the internet, you’ll be met with dozens of results, so what design elements will make your site stand out from the rest?

Interior Architects

IA Interior

Immediately, you’re transfixed by a video banner showcasing Interior Architects‘ busy daily routine. This is a fun, immersive feature that captures potential customers’ attention with its bright colour scheme and moving figures. Personalization and the use of real human faces help create an emotional connection and builds trust in the brand.


HKS Architects


The moving bright colours and clear font make this sight incredibly eye-catching. Using multimedia, such as videos, on their site makes for an engaging customer experience that’ll have people scrolling down the page. HKS Architects have done a great job at providing quality content to help customers find information about the company and its achievements.




The ZGF website has done an exceptional job at highlighting the brand’s experience and work, which helps build trust with potential clients. Using bright colours and a white, sleek font contributes to a vibrant and positive feel. Overall, this is a well-designed website that was created with optimal user experience in mind.


Perkins & Will

Perkins and Will

Opting for a more minimalist approach, the Perkins & Will website has an extremely professional feel. They took the opportunity to add a second layer of information with their various subheadings without making them seem long and not reader-friendly. With the ease of navigability and informative service pages this website is one of the best.


Page Think


The black, white, and red colour scheme of the Page Think website gives it an extremely professional feel. They’ve also included plenty of content throughout the site to provide potential customers with all the information they require. These two factors combined with the video banner displayed at the top of the homepage make this website a strong competitor.


ACDF Architecture


The first thing you see when you enter the ACDF Architecture website is an eye-catching video banner showcasing the company’s modern and well-polished office building. They feature a collection of their previous works, providing clients with a glimpse of their capabilities.




The neutral colours and prominent headings of the Superkul website give off a tranquil feel. They have done a great job at highlighting their projects and making the site accessible and easy to navigate. These elements, combined with a comprehensive About Us page help build trust with potential clients.




The bold and bright colours of the Lemay website are immediately engaging for the customer without being overwhelming. The company’s identity and vision are made clear on the homepage of its website. They also do a great job of providing quality content for their interesting projects that act as excellent information sources.




The white and dark blue colour scheme of the Norr website gives it a very professional and stylish feel. They have outstanding calls to action throughout the website and have also done a fantastic job at highlighting their services and portfolio. This combined with easy navigability puts this site at the top of the list.


Menkes Shooner Dagenais


Vibrant images, along with the white, red, and black colour scheme give this site a very elegant and clean feel. Their most successful works are highlighted as you scroll down the homepage with little tidbits of information explaining what each project was. Overall, the Menkes Shooner Dagenais website is quite well-done.


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