The 9 Best Electrician Website Designs

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In the modern world, having a well-designed website is a crucial part of any business performing at a high level. A well-maintained online presence for electricians will help boost your company’s visibility, and increase the percentage of potential clients who choose to use your services. It is important to invest in a website that catches the attention of potential clients and makes it easy to book appointments or contact you.

Trying to decide which design elements will be helpful for your website can be an overwhelming task. Websites are highly customizable, and selecting the proper elements to include is crucial.

We’ve taken the time to assemble this list of the top 9 electrician websites in the industry. This way you can look at examples of high-performing websites, and take notes of different design elements you would like to include on your new website.


The Rosendin website is extremely easy to navigate, and the deep blue and orange colour scheme gives the site a sleek feel to it. They have also done an excellent job adding calls to action throughout the site. Overall it is very clear why this website is on our list of the best sites in the electrical industry.

mry groupMYR Group

MYR Group uses a video instead of an image for their header. This immediately engages potential customers. The overall feel of the website is extremely sleek and easily navigable on both desktops and mobile devices. The muted blue and white colour scheme is extremely effective and easily grabs the viewer’s attention.

faith technologiesFaith Technologies

The Faith Technologies website builds trust right away by showcasing their awards right at the top of the homepage. This will immediately make the customer feel more intrigued to explore further. They have also done an excellent job at building out the content on the website to provide potential customers with plenty of important information.


The deep yellow, red, and white colour scheme of the FSG site has a bold impact on potential customers at first sight. They have plenty of calls to action sprinkled throughout the site, which will help engage viewers. They also have a live chat tool, which is an excellent way of immediately engaging customers.

cupertinoeletricCupertino Electric

The black, blue, and white colour scheme of the Cupertino Electric website does an excellent job at creating a clean and welcoming user experience. The site is very easy to navigate and has done an excellent job at providing plenty of calls to action. They build trust by providing company facts on their homepage.

archkey solutionsArchKey Solutions

The black and yellow colour scheme of the ArchKey Solutions website pair beautifully with the burgundy elements in their logo. There are plenty of quality calls to action throughout the website, and they have done a great job at highlighting some of their greatest achievements for potential customers to see. This is a great example of web design best practices being used to create a beautiful result.

wired and wonderfulWired and Wonderful

The dark and light blue colour scheme of the site is quite visually appealing. This combined with their accreditations proudly presented on the front page of the website make for a highly engaging user experience and helps build trust with potential customers. Finally, they have done a great job at including prominent calls to action on each page of the site.

2b wired2 B Wired

The black and blue colour scheme works beautifully on the 2 B Wired website. They have also taken the time to build out their site, providing important information about their services to their customers. The site is very sleek, and easily navigable as well. Overall, they have done an excellent job creating an industry-leading electrician website.

lumos electricLumos Electric

Lumos has done a great job at incorporating the intention of their company’s name with the overall colour scheme and feel of the website. This combined with a prominent contact form right on the main page of their site makes for an overall excellent user experience. This easily navigable website is an industry leader in the electrician industry.

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