The 10 Best NGO Website Design Examples

ngo website examples
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It has become incredibly important to have a well-established online presence for any business. Taking the time to fully optimize your website is guaranteed to boost traffic to your website, and encourage more visitors to use your services.

Choosing web design elements to include on your new website can be overwhelming. Which tools are helpful? What does an effective layout look like?

Take a look at some of the best NGO website examples we’ve found,  to find inspiration for tools and elements to include on your new website to help optimize the user experience.

americaresAmericares Foundation

The Americares Foundation website has done an excellent job at highlighting its various causes and services right on the homepage. The homepage is also very user-friendly and easy to navigate. The site also boasts plenty of prominent calls to action which is great. Overall this is an excellently designed website.

feeding canadian kidsFeeding Canadian Kids

The blue and green colour scheme on a white background gives this website a very clean look. They have excellent calls to action sprinkled prominently throughout the site as well. These factors combined with the overall navigability of the website makes for a very sleek and intuitive user experience.

the ocean agencyThe Ocean Agency

The Ocean Agency website is extremely sleek and can be easily navigated on both desktops and on mobile devices. The clean white colour scheme combined with eye-grabbing photos is impactful and helps to build interest. They also have excellent calls to action throughout the site, which helps make this website a great example of effective web design.

random acts of greenRandom Acts of Green

The Random Acts of Green site has a beautiful white and green colour scheme which lends itself excellently to the company’s mission. They also have prominent calls to action throughout the site. Choosing to include a section on their company’s metrics (how many Kilograms of carbon saved etc.) is extremely helpful in building trust with audiences.


CUTRIC’s website is really well built out. They have plenty of resources and information for people interested in their business. The orange and white colour scheme is used very effectively. It gives the overall site a very sleek and modern feel. These factors combined with the ever important calls to action help make this site a clear industry leader.

athletes combating racismAthletes Combating Racism

The black and red colour scheme on a white background makes a bold impact. This will help them stay engaged with the site content. They have also done a great job of including calls to action throughout the site. The site is easy to navigate and looks very sleek on both desktop and mobile devices. Overall, this is an excellent example of web design for an NGO.

canadian blood servicesCanadian Blood Services

The Canadian Blood Services website has done a great job of integrating calls to action throughout its website. Using the red and light green colour scheme from their logo throughout the website makes for a very strong approach to branding. They have built out their website with many resources which are extremely helpful when building trust with users.


The Acumen website is immediately engaging when you land on their homepage. The gorgeous photography paired with the pink and white colour scheme immediately puts the user at ease. They have provided plenty of content and resources for users to explore as well which is really helpful. Overall this site is beautifully done.


The greens and white in the Ceres website’s colour scheme give the pages a very airy and clean feel to them. They have done a great job at providing important information about their work which is an excellent trust builder. The site performs equally well on both desktops and mobile devices which is important. They also have a healthy amount of calls to action.


The darker blue and vibrant orange in the colour scheme lend to each other beautifully. This makes for a very visually engaging user experience. They have an impressive amount of calls to action throughout the site. They have also done a great job with providing detailed information about their services etc. this will be a great way of building trust with potential partners.

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