The 10 Best Excavation Website Design Examples

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Optimizing and maintaining your website makes a huge impact on your online presence and the overall performance of your excavation business. Investing in a well-designed website is worthwhile, especially since we are living in the digital age. Most people will find your excavation company through an online search, so it’s important they are impressed by what they see.

As web design experts we looked through several excavation company websites to find our top ten best examples of website designs.


The Keller website has a colour scheme of dark blue and a vibrant yellow to match their logo. This is an excellent example of effective branding. They also have incorporated prominent calls to action throughout the website which makes this an easily navigable website for the user. This is a great example of a well-designed website.

j derenzoJ Derenzo

The clean layout of the header paired with the striking blue and white colour scheme of the J Derenzo website positions them as a quality service provider. They included company metrics on the homepage which is a great way to immediately build trust with potential customers. They also have past work posted so users can see tangible examples of the work.


Shorecon has done a great job at building out its website with separate landing pages for each service. They provide important information to help potential customers answer any questions they may have about their work. The bold orange and deep blue colour scheme and high-quality imagery immediately grab the user’s attention and keeps them engaged.

ken whiteKen White Construction

Upon first entering Ken White Constructions website, there are several prominent calls to action to encourage user engagement. Adding links to their YouTube page and Instagram account is a great way to promote these other marketing platforms. Using multimedia to engage customers is one of the number one ways to help drive traffic to your website.

taggartTaggart Construction

Taggart Construction has a timeline of its company’s history included on its website. This is a great way to establish a history of excellent work amongst potential customers. They also have prominently displayed their company’s accomplishments to help build trust with clients. The sleek feel of the website is excellent, and the site as a whole is easily navigable.

dufferingDufferin Construction

The deep black and bold red colour scheme of the Dufferin Construction website is extremely eye-catching and gives the website a very professional feel. They also include links to their other companies under the same umbrella as those that they own. This is a great way to build trust with potential customers by establishing a history of good work.

birdBird Construction

The white and deep green colour scheme of the Bird Construction website makes for a very clean and modern aesthetic. By including their company history on the homepage, they’re establishing a history of quality work. The prominent calls to action throughout the site seal Bird Construction as one of the best examples of excavation website designs out there.

north americanNorth American Construction Group

The colour scheme of the North American Construction Group website is beautifully integrated throughout the website, giving the site a very cohesive feel. They have included articles about their company for users to read right on the homepage. This establishes a feeling of transparency and trust with potential clients. The site is built out with informative content for clients.


Mastec has done an excellent job with its website. The deep blue and white colour scheme gives the overall site a sense of professionalism. They have also included articles to read about their company. This helps build trust in their company with potential clients. The overall navigability of this site makes for a great user experience.

beaverBeaver Excavating

The black and deep yellow colour scheme of the Beaver Excavating website gives the site an overall sleek and professional feel. This combined with the prominent calls to action makes for a highly engaging user experience. This site is extremely easy to navigate, which makes it intuitive for users to keep exploring their services. Overall, this website is well designed.

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