10 Amazing Shopify Website Examples

custom shopify websites - 10 amazing shopify sites
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Not sure which Shopify theme is best for your business? Trying to find a style for your Shopify store?

The Shopify platform is home to millions of small, medium and large ecommerce businesses, each with a unique website design.

Your website design should make an impact, it should elevate your brand with striking visuals and provide an exceptional user experience.

Whether you’re just here for design inspiration or custom Shopify web design solutions, we can help!Let’s dive into our short list of 10 amazing Shopify website examples.

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1. Red Rooster Golf

Launching a new Shopify website? Take a look at Red Rooster Golf, who’s crushing it with their trendy custom website design promoting their premium golf gloves. Boasting their high quality product and its craftsmanship, Red Rooster required a website the design that was on par with or exceeded this expectation. We made branding apparent using their colors and logo free of distraction.

2. House of Canvas

Being Ottawa’s leader in canopy and awning manufacturing, House of Canvas saw the need for a website design that matched their quality and experience in the industry. Showcasing their past projects was key to growing their brand, both residential and commercial. As a result, we created a Shopify store section to easier sell their products using images of well-known businesses they’ve sold canopies to.

3. Skin Logic

Ottawa’s cosmetic practitioners were selling SkinCeuticals products in store and wanted to reach a broader audience online. We designed them a new, custom website with two main call to actions, one for their Shopify store and one for their in-person treatments. The end product looks incredible and makes it easy for users to find what they need.

4. Bonds Decor

Bonds Decor needed a new Shopify site to improve their online sales model. From the start of this project, we had a vision: to build Bonds a faster site to improve the experience for visitors and increase the conversion rate. With this design change, we improved their conversion rate from 1% to about 8%.

5. Bear Walker

Designing and creating high-quality custom skateboards requires a lot of creativity, something that sets Bear Walker’s business model apart from many. Naturally, Bear Walker required a custom website to sell their custom boards. What we love most is their specifications section and gallery images on each item page, and that’s just barely scratching the surface.

6. Vero Diamonds

Boosting user experience by allowing users to filter through your selection is a great ecommerce hack. On the Vero Diamonds website, we created a custom ring builder section which allows users to build their ideal ring and search for a match in their inventory. Have a look for yourself!

7. Lumberjaxe

Our challenge for Lumberjaxe was to incorporate the playful atmosphere of their venues through their website design. Having the pandemic limit your main service is tough. For Lumberjaxe, this brought attention to their personal axe throwing target & stand and gift cards using the ecommerce platform Shopify.

8. T-Pull Door Closer

T-Pull’s Door Closer sells a product which helps people with mobility challenges. With few available locations where the product was being sold, T-Pull wanted to shift their focus to online sales.

Now in 2021, their website features a refreshing appearance which explains the product along with purchase methods (Amazon and Shopify).

9. Keen Home

Keen Home’s over the air smart zoning system allows for single-room heating and cooling within minutes. Their custom Shopify website design is great as it maintains visual balance to promote a product which enhances comfort, technology and cleanliness. From the use of whitespace to their well placed call to actions, it’s no wonder why they do so well.

10. Mostly Danish

When your ecommerce business has a lot of inventory, it can be hard to achieve the clutter-free look while making all products accessible. Here’s what we did for Mostly Danish, Canada’s largest mid-century furniture store using Shopify. By dividing content into sections, we were able to decrease the amount of elements on their homepage and shift focus to their inventory.

Should you use Shopify themes or custom website design?

Shopify themes are a great source of design inspiration. Plus, there’s no denying the fact that thousands of Shopify websites have seen success when using these affordable design templates. But Shopify themes don’t work for all ecommerce businesses. In fact, they don’t work for the vast majority.

Even if you use a template, you’ll invest hundreds of hours in design tweaks, writing your content and optimizing your pages. Hundreds of hours that could be better spent elsewhere.

Let’s face it, even if you change a few colors, fill in some text boxes and add your logo, websites based on Shopify themes aren’t personal. From what I’ve seen, they’re almost always missing essential trust building factors crucial for converting users.

It’s just like the New Radicals song “You Get What You Give”, custom website design gets custom results.

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