The 6 Best Painting Contractor Website Designs

the 6 best painting website designs
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Growing your painting business and generating enough leads to keep yourself busy doesn’t have to be difficult.

In fact, with the proper design and optimizations, your painting website can attract and convert prospective clients while you work.

Does your painting business need a fresh new website design? Let’s get you inspired, here’s our list of the 6 best painting website designs.

1. Enviro Painting

Optimized service pages are an essential element of every successful contractor business, including painting contractors. Here’s a great example, Enviro Painting.

Enviro Painting’s website checks all the boxes with a fresh and inviting design, location based keywords, testimonials, past work and a clear call to action.

2. Russell & Cassidy Painting

Looking for a simple, modern and effective website design? There’s nothing quite like Russell & Cassidy Painting, a website we’ve recently designed.

Are you noticing similarities between this website and the last? They each have a central contact form on their home page, an element that can drastically grow a website’s conversion rate.

3. Walls Painting

Walls Painting of Ottawa & Montreal gets a website upgrade to generate more website traffic and capture more painting leads.

The use of white space paired with the brand’s orange color brings visual focus to the elements that drive action. That’s just one of many ways you can boost your conversion rate.

4. MR Painting

MR Painting’s website leverages photography, contrast and bold headlines to paint a picture which elevates their brand and reputation.

From its contact forms to gallery, MR Painting’s website sets a fantastic example of what your painting business needs on its website.

5. Dallas Paints

Dallas Paints brands itself as painting professionals and experts in wallpaper removal for both commercial and residential properties.

To maintain their reputation and obtain more website traffic, Dallas Paints includes content marketing efforts in their blog section.

6. Atlanta Painting Pros

Atlanta Painting Pros uses a simple website design that is for anyone to navigate.

Showcasing their past work and client testimonials is an absolute must for any contractor business and Atlanta Paint Pros does it spot on.

Let’s Talk About Painting Leads

Are you tired of paying for leads? There are dozens of businesses that thrive off of getting you to overpay for clients they’ve attracted for a low price. As Benjamin Moore explains it, “Do your due diligence before you hire a painting lead generation company to avoid wasting time and money.”

There’s a much better way to generate leads, generate them yourself or with an agency that cares about your business’s profitability. This way you’ll get more high-quality clients and increase your revenue all while paying less per lead.

With profitable pay-per-click advertising (Google Ads) and search engine optimization, we help small businesses generate affordable leads in a way that’s sustainable. And if you can handle the extra leads, we’ll be more than happy to get you set up with social media marketing and email marketing campaigns. You’re looking to grow and we can make it happen.