Life’s a Beach – A Successful Team Beach Day in the Books

fresh homemade pizza
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Sun blazing down, sand beneath your feet, a slice of freshly fired pizza and a drink in hand, and rotating playlists steadily streaming out of the Bluetooth speaker – not what you would expect from a Friday afternoon at work, right?

Team WebMarketers enjoying a Friday afternoon at the beach

The WebMarketers team enjoyed a fun-filled afternoon to wind down from a busy week. 

After a morning of checking tasks off of our to-do lists and sending out some final emails, our team set out for Britannia Beach where we enjoyed a perfect Ottawa summer afternoon. There was no mistaking our crew decked out in WebMarketers gear as we settled into our area for the day.

Marketing Manager, Eric, tossing pizza dough

A beach barbecue? Now, that would be too basic for our resident foodies. We levelled up the beach day food fare with not one, but two of Ooni’s portable pizza ovens. Eric and Kyle took the lead as pizza chefs, stretching and tossing dough into delicious pies with a gourmet assortment of toppings. A large buffet of other snacks that we’ve for sure cleared out a section at Farm Boy, was spread out over an entire picnic table.

Product Specialists, Tyson, and Solutions Team Lead, Cam, kicking around a soccer ball

Those who weren’t busy tossing pizzas kicked around a soccer – or should we say, foot – ball. There was some friendly competition during countless rounds of keep-ups as the team took turns juggling the ball with light toe taps. We received conflicting reports on who the record holder is, so we may just need to roll the footage back.

Product Specialists, Tyson, holding up Ridley

A few of our furriest team members also joined in on the beach day fun. They had a blast running around the park and trying to mooch a bite of pizza from anyone who caught their puppy dog eyes.

Bubly and beer kept us hydrated in true WebMarketers fashion as the afternoon went on and the team caught some UV rays, practiced their golf chipping, chatted about everything but work, played fetch with the pups, and got in some well-deserved R&R.

Digital Marketer, Ola, enjoying the music and a cold beer

In the distance, we were lucky enough to hear local musicians practicing covers of songs everyone could sing along to. Between their renditions of classics and Ola’s residency as the beach day DJ, we had a soundtrack that is not soon to be forgotten.

seagulls at Britannia Beach

Some of the bravest of the bunch ventured into the water where they were met with refreshing waves. It was a beach day, after all, a quick dip was non-negotiable!

As the afternoon came to an end, we packed up and left our spot in the park clean for the next group to enjoy, though we aren’t sure how anyone can top the fun we had.

Content Manager, Fiona, wearing the WebMarketers hat and chatting with coworkers

It was great to bring the whole team together and have a change of scenery. 

Our team works hard and deserves to play hard. So a quick escape to the beach was the perfect way to cap off a busy week of helping our clients with all of their digital marketing needs. 

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