The 9 Best Law Firm Website Designs of 2021

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Websites are the most beneficial digital asset for every business in 2021. Believe it or not, law firms are no exception.

But the reality is that so many law firms fail to realize the benefits of having an updated and optimized website.

If you ask me, this is yet another reason why you should update your firm’s website. Your website presents you the opportunity to get ahead of your competitors with low-cost online lead generation.

Table of Contents – Law Firm Web Design

1. ALX Legal
4. Harris & Company LLP
5. The Wealthy Lawyer
6. Hopgood Ganim Lawyers
7. YLAW Family Lawyers
8. Global Mindful Solutions
9. Vogel Verjee
How to Find the Best Law Firm Website Design Company
The Importance of Optimizing Your Law Firm’s Landing Page
Digital Marketing for Law Firms
Lead Generation for Lawyers

Searching for law firm website design inspiration? Looking to see how your firm’s current website compares to the examples we’ve listed?

In this brief blog, we’ve outlined the key elements which dictate law firm website success, starting with 9 law firm website designs that set a benchmark in the industry.

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We’re offering a free website analysis which tells you exactly what your law firm’s website needs to succeed this year in detail.

What makes a good law firm website?

A successful law firm website is one that attracts, educates and engages those searching for legal services in their area.

Law firm website perfection is achieved with a balance of high-quality content, a clear call to action and effective design.

To give you some examples, we’ve provided 9 amazing law firm website designs below.

List of the 9 Best Law Firm Website Designs

1. ALX Legal

ALX Legal’s website features a high-contrast design which allows for a modern look while maintaining a professional appeal.
This website is a perfect example of contrast and creativity used efficiently alongside one another.


Here’s a law firm website which combines creative innovation and professionalism: McLEOD Law.
This homepage design features one of the most powerful uses of clarity and simplicity we’ve seen to date.


New York’s most established personal injury law firm features one of the most consistent interfaces we’ve seen. It has a simple interface, great structure, a clear call to action and an effective division of content.

4. Harris & Company LLP

Harris is the largest workplace law firm in Western Canada and provides a welcoming approach to law firm website design. The use of whitespace paired with the website’s dynamic elements allows the design to speak for itself.

5. The Wealthy Lawyer

This one page website design hits all the must-haves of successful website design with a creative touch. What we like most are the high-contrast contact forms, modern hero banner video and page structure.

6. Hopgood Ganim Lawyers

While they feature an impressive homepage design, we’re most attracted to their seamless blog integrations and staff profiles. Yet another great example of simple website design for a complex law firm.

7. YLAW Family Lawyers

Professional photography is a key trust-building factor and often overlooked in law firm web design. We’re willing to bet this results in an exceptional landing page conversion rate paired with their clear call to action.

8. Global Mindful Solutions

Global Mindful Solutions is a workplace restoration, mediation and mindfulness company which finds solutions to common workplace issues. With thoughtfully designed website, Global Mindful Solutions will be on its way to keep the peace with its eye-catching calls to action and neutral color scheme.

9. Vogel Verjee

Vogel Verjee is one of Calgary’s leading litigation law firms and takes a unique approach in website design. To best explain it, I would consider this website the digital and dynamic equivalent of a high-converting creative business card.

How to Find the Best Law Firm Website Design Company

Choosing the right website design company doesn’t need to be difficult.

Here’s a quick 4 step guide to make sure you choose the right web design company for your law firm website.

1. View their portfolio and past projects

The easiest way to decide whether you want to work with an agency is by analyzing their past projects.

Do you like the work they do? Are the websites properly structured and optimized? Have they designed websites in your industry?

Ask yourself these questions, if they meet your standards – move on to the next step.

2. Look at the results they’ve achieved for their clients

As I’ve mentioned previously, successful websites are much more than their designs, look at the numbers.

Most agencies will have a section or page on their website to showcase the results they’ve achieved for their existing or previous clients (case studies).

If this design company/agency is capable of success, they will have proof of it. Look for a high ROI (return on investment), increased conversion rates and proof of strong lead generation

3. Assess their online reputation with reviews and testimonials

You can learn a lot about a business just by reading online testimonials from past clients.

For this step, search for their business on Google, click their business profile, and read the reviews. If they have a strong review rating and the overall message is positive, they’re very likely going to give you the same experience.

The Importance of Optimizing Your Law Firm’s Landing Page(s)

When clients are searching online for legal services, they are looking for professional help.

Did you know that more than 74% of all legal clients visit a law firm’s website before contacting them?

If your law firm’s website is poorly designed and lacks a professional appearance, a great majority of your potential clients will begin looking elsewhere for business.

And there’s also your landing page’s conversion rate. Being that your landing page is going to be one of the most visited pages on your site, it can determine the outcome of your firm’s digital profitability.

For legal websites, the average rate of conversion for a landing page is about 3.3%.

But you can do much better than that. According to WordStream, some of the most successful landing pages are converting at more than 11.45%

When your landing page is properly optimized, it can achieve these high conversion rates. Maybe not to the extent of 11%, but even achieving from 5-7% would have a massive impact on your firm’s return on investment (ROI).

Does your law firm’s website struggle with a low conversion rate? We can help determine key areas which need improvement with our free website analysis.

Digital Marketing for Law Firms

By now, you know that having a website is crucial to your law firm’s online success. But how can you ensure that potential clients can find your website? With digital marketing of course!

While a strong digital marketing strategy includes social media, online reputation management, and ad campaigns, the most important factor of digital marketing is search engine optimization (SEO).

Briefly, search engine optimization is the practice of improving a website’s online presence with the goal being to increase organic search traffic through on-page and off-page website optimization.

About 53% of all search traffic to law firm websites is organic.

Do you find yourself paying for the majority of your website traffic? Not getting enough website traffic? Let’s work together to solve this.

How your law firm can leverage SEO

Leveraging SEO for your law firm is all about understanding what search engines expect from your website and exceeding these expectations.

The best way to do this is with a detailed website audit which analyzes factors like on-page optimizations, off-page success factors, page load speed and competitor analysis.

Before you can optimize your page – you need to know where optimization should take place.

It could be that you have poorly written title tags. Or maybe, it’s your poor page load speed bringing you down.

Whatever the problem may be – we can help you solve it with our free website analysis and complimentary marketing strategy.

Lead Generation for Lawyers

Lead generation is the digital marketing strategy where many law firms skip to in hopes to quickly obtain low cost, high value leads.

There are a number of online businesses and platforms which “guarantee leads” for a certain price tag. But we see plenty of issues with that (and you would notice it too).

This type of lead generation is not scalable, shortcuts like these do not work. Plus, it doesn’t address the main issue, poorly designed websites are never improved.

Employing a successful lead generation strategy isn’t something you can do on your own.

It’s a never-ending task with a steep learning curve. Thankfully, you are not alone – we’re here to help you succeed.

Let’s work together to improve your law firm’s website

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