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Looking to get more clients for your contracting business? Word of mouth just isn’t cutting it anymore, you need clients, and you want them consistently.

I’ve got a solution: it all starts with your website. In order to gain the confidence of new clients online, you need to first attract them, then provide them with a value proposition.

Once your website is optimized and designed properly, your contractor business will be on its way to success – just like many of our existing clients. Before you create a great contractor website, you should know what one looks like.

In this brief blog, we’re going to cover why your contractor business needs a new website and we’ll give you some great examples of what it could look like.

Why Your Contractor Business Needs a Great Website in 2021

Whether you install tiles, finish basements or paint homes, the fundamentals of being a successful contractor are quite simple. Work keeps you busy and being busy makes you money.

However, keeping busy is much easier said than done for the majority of contractors.

Especially in 2021, where lockdowns and restrictions make it seem like business just isn’t like it used to be.

It may feel like there have been fewer clients as time passes but here’s the truth: people still need your services. Every month, there are hundreds if not thousands of people searching for services like yours.

With a well-designed and optimized website, we can ensure that your contractor business stays busy by making the most of this influx of online traffic.

Don’t know where to start? Need inspiration for your contractor website? Here’s our list of 10 amazing contractor website designs and our action plan to get you started.

List of the 10 Best Contractor Website Designs

1. Talavera Tile & Surfacing

Talavera’s website uses a clear geometrical design shaped like their field of expertise: tiles. It uses white space and contrast hand-in-hand to give visual focus to the most important elements of their page, their contact form. There’s nothing quite like it in the tile industry, this website is easy to navigate, professional and modern with a splash of creativity.

2. Monolith Finishing

Monolith Finishing is a stone countertop contractor which supplies, installs and repairs stone kitchen countertops. With website design and optimization like this, countertop contractor Monolith Finishing is sure to generate a great number of new clients for popular search terms in the realm of stone, granite & quartz countertop installations.

3. Quinn’s Landscaping

Quinn’s Landscaping leads the way with exceptional contractor home page design. On their brand new site, Quinn’s makes use of today’s latest contractor website conversion rate optimization trend: two different types of contact forms. In the grand scheme, their website design shows its commitment to its users with thoughtful placement of key elements.

4. Robinson Roofing

Looking for roof repair or other roofing services? Robinson Roofing’s new website does a great job of making this easy with an all-new design. Through brief descriptions, testimonials and photos of past projects, Robinson Roofing does an excellent job at converting visitors to customers. Simple, neat and very powerful. Take notes!

5. Walls Painting

Once again – another extremely effective design. The Walls Painting website perfectly showcases the quality of their services. Struggling with your contact form design and placement? Here’s a great example of exactly what you should do: contact form above the fold. Further down on their home page, Walls Painting shows their past projects in a unique layout along with client testimonials as a trust-building factor.

6. Greenco Contracting

GreenCo’s website features an eye-catching design and visual simplicity with an exceptional layout. From top to bottom, the first thing you’ll notice as you scroll are the eye-catching green elements. This design is effective as it shifts user focus to all of the site’s main call to actions and services pages.

7. Ottawa Demolition & Removals

Ottawa Demolition & Removals’ site is creative in design with a strategic layout. Among all demolition websites we’ve seen – this one stands out immensely with a fresh approach to design. I’m willing to bet you didn’t think that demolition could look this clean.

8. Shantz Construction Group

Are you looking for contractor website design inspiration? Here’s one that excels in creative user experience design: Shantz Construction Group. The custom home builder is dedicated to making dream homes become a reality and makes it easy for clients to reach out with great contact form placement and an effective call to action.

9. Brock Contracting

Brock Contracting’s website is a clear representation of the modern design trend “less is more”. By limiting the amount of elements on each of their pages, Brock Contracting’s website is able to carefully guide users to its most important elements. Yet again another demonstration that visual simplicity and conversion rate best practices go a long way.

10. Hunt Club East Snow & Lawn

Hunt Club’s leading contractor in snow removal and lawn maintenance runs a seasonal business with services that vary by time of year. Being that their business evolves every season, it’s only fair that their website design does too. Even when we put aside the incredible use of contrast, Hunt Club East Snow & Lawn’s website stands out with its amazing call to actions, testimonials and blog section.

Contractor Marketing

Fundamentally, contractor marketing is quite simple. You offer a service, and you need more clients. With our expertise in contractor marketing, we can help send these clients your way.

Before you can get more traffic, your website needs to be optimized for conversion and search engine visibility.

With WebMarketers, you get a full-service digital marketing team that builds your website with one purpose in mind: getting you the highest conversion rate.

Once your website is ready, it’s time to generate a high volume of traffic

Landing Page Design for Contractor Websites

Your website’s landing page designs are crucial for conversion – even the slightest mistake results in a poor conversion rate. But when done right, they are highly rewarding and can have an incredible influence on your ROI.

Landing pages have one objective: get users to convert. They need to be very specific and designed in a way that steer users to your call to action.

Does your current website design struggle with engaging conversions? Claim your free website analysis and see how your website scores.

Looking to grow your contractor business?

We’ve helped hundreds of service based companies generate more leads and grow their business. With our effective approach to web design and digital marketing, we can get you the results you want from your contractor website.

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