5 Filming Hacks: Create Professional Videos On A Budget

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many is a video worth?

Many marketers and small business owners want to include video on their sites and social media accounts. However, filming a professional looking video can be intimidating. Filming a video takes a lot of thought – from acquiring the appropriate camera equipment to deciding which editing software to use. Professional camera gear and editing software is expensive but, so is hiring an experienced videographer.  So, what should you do?

Fear not, we have developed a list of five simple filming hacks that will help you produce high quality videos on a budget.

1. Use two cameras

Filming on two cameras allows you to capture different angles which gives your videos a more professional look. If you do not have access to more advanced editing software, make sure you use the same type of camera for both angles. This ensures that picture quality remains consistent.  Using multiple angles and shots adds more dimensions to your videos. You don’t need professional equipment to film professional videos. Many of the smartphones on the market today have high quality cameras. Just position your phones on a sturdy surface and film away! Phone mounts help your cameras remain stable while you film.

2. Use a storyboard or script

If you’re doing a video with a storyline, use a storyboard or script. This will allow you to visualize the shots that you want and remain organized while filming.  If you’re doing a testimonial type video, make sure to provide the focus of your video with the questions before hand so they can prepare their responses. Prepared answers will reduce the amount of editing you will need to do and, most importantly, ensures that you receive the quality responses you desire.

3. No microphone? No problem! Add music to your videos

Adding music to your videos helps to hide poor audio quality. However, be careful not to make the music too loud as it will drown out the audio and reduce the quality of your video. If you do not have a microphone, use your iPhone to do a voice recording and add that audio in later. This tip requires you to do more editing, but it is worth it if your audio is really poor and adding music to hide background noise isn’t effective. Even if you have great audio, adding music to your videos is a simple way to increase the quality of your videos. YouTube, Soundcloud & Facebook have FREE audio libraries with a wide range of songs and sound effects.

Audio Music Library | YouTube

Audio Music Library | SoundCloud

Sound Collection | Facebook

4. Keep filming locations and audio consistent.

Consistency is key when making high-quality and professional videos. If you are using manual settings on a camera, make sure all clips are filmed on the same or similar settings to ensure that video quality remains constant. Unless you need to change locations for the purpose of the storyline, film in the same location. Unexpected changes in location can throw off the viewers and make your video look sloppy. Changes in location can also lead to changes in audio quality. If you do not have access to advanced audio editing software or just want to reduce the amount of editing you need to do, film in a quiet location. Background noise is distracting to your audience and makes your video appear unprofessional. If you do end up with some background noise, you can refer back to tip #3: add music to your videos.

5. Make the most out of the tools you have

Do not try doing more than what your equipment will let you do. If you do not have expensive and professional camera equipment and editing software available to you, do not try doing what those tools will allow you to do. This can cause you to compromise the quality of your videos and takes more time and effort than needed. Simple videos can be just as effective as extravagant videos. There are many great apps and inexpensive equipment available for you to use! Check out these useful video editing tools:

Clips is an app that allows you to use your iPhone to film videos with cool backgrounds and even has a caption feature!

Clips App | Apple 

Smartphone lens kits can cost as little as $10 and help add a creative flare to your videos.

Smartphone Lens Kit |

Lens & Shutter Kit For Smartphones |

Camera Lens Kit For Smartphones |

A smartphone microphone is a budget friendly way to improve your video audio

Smartphone Microphone |

Handsfree Smartphone Microphone |

If you plan on making a majority of your videos on a smartphone, we’d suggest purchasing a stabilizer or gimbal for your phone. These can be a bit expensive, but they are worth it if you want to shoot steadier videos.

Gimbal for iPhone | Apple

Check out the videos below to see these tips and tricks in action!


RPA- People Behind People First: Jessi Levine

This video makes use of 1) a quiet setting 2) two camera angles and 3) music:


Dubai Travel Video – Shot on iPhone 8 Plus

This travel video was shot on an iPhone and uses many simple tricks to make it look more professional. The use of 1) music 2) multiple shots/angles 3) the slow-motion effect and 4) a stabilizer all contributes to the high quality of this video.


73 Questions With Serena Williams | Vogue

Vogue has a 73 Questions video series with a variety of celebrities. There is a lot of planning done in terms of where the celebrity is standing and the types of questions that are asked. In an interview with the 73 questions creator, he stated that he spends a few days sourcing information and potential questions and about half a day or so choosing the questions and formatting the movement of the video. This video ties into tip #2: use a storyboard or script. This video was done in one shot and would not be executed as effectively and professionally without careful planning.


We hope that these tips help you create high-quality and professional videos for your website and social media accounts. Share your videos and any tips and tricks you have with us on instagram or facebook!