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E-Commerce companies rely on a finely-tuned website that builds trust in the brand and the product/service offering. If these aren’t up to par, leads and sales suffer. And even the best e-commerce sites need strong marketing to bring in quality leads that convert to sales.

Customers are making snap decisions about what they see and buy! WebMarketers excels by strategizing and executing marketing campaigns that attract qualified web traffic to e-commerce websites, which we design and develop to focus on conversions and sales.

Services We Offer

Website Design

  • Conversion-optimized design
  • Personable & well branded
  • Trusting content & reviews


  • Attract more traffic from Google
  • Build more online credibility
  • Links & review management

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

  • Drive more traffic immediately
  • Target niche keywords
  • Increasing conversions & sales


WebMarketers has been working with E-Commerce clients throughout our existence. We help firms build an industry leading strategy structured around generating profitable leads and conversions.  We achieve this through strategic website development, marketing campaigns, content marketing & automation. As we progress, we provide clients with data-driven performance reports, including opportunities for improvement and future growth.

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Our Process

strategic keyword research

Step 1
Strategic Planning –

for maximum profitability.

We analyze the target audience & competition, then strategize ways to optimize your website and marketing for leads and sales.

design develop websites

Step 2
Design & Develop –

a seamless online experience.

We create websites that are user-friendly and focused on sales, with clear calls to action and compelling images and copy that sell.
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digital marketing

Step 3
Strategic Marketing –

to generate leads and sales.

We create effective marketing campaigns that are focused on generating quality leads that convert to more sales. This helps you attract more relevant traffic at a lower cost.

digital marketing analytics

Step 4
Advanced Reporting –

to analyze and optimize results.

Our expert team interprets the data to find trends and opportunities that will help you increase sales and maximize profitability.

marketing management services

Step 5
Ongoing Management –

taken care of daily for you.

We come up with new creative ideas, helping you stay ahead of the curve and do more of what works, and less of what doesn’t.

Case Study International Documents Canada

IDOCS Canada provides clients with document authentication and verification services. This is the Canadian equivalent of an Apostille, which may be required when using Canadian documents in a foreign country. Over the past few years, IDOCs AdWords campaign had gotten out of control in terms of size and structure, which made it incredibly hard to manage and optimize for the business owner. Though it was profitable, with a conversion rate of 2.14% they knew that they were leaving more clients and profit on the table. The owner was also worried that building a new account would cause an interruption to their normal stream of leads from AdWords leads.

WebMarketers provided a thorough strategy and analysis for rebuilding a new AdWords campaign, and ended up with a 20 page report! After being given the green light to setup the new account, implementation began. The campaigns were structured such that it would be very easy to scale budgets up and down for various services that they provide, based upon their profitability. To mitigate the risk of the switch and allow the new account to gather data, WebMarketers paused half of the campaigns on the old account, and turned on the matching half on the new account. After about a week, the rest of the old campaign was paused, and the new account was fully operational. With the new account in place and ongoing optimization, IDOCs AdWords conversion rate is currently sitting at 12.47%! This has led to IDOCs having their most successful year ever with more new clients than ever before.


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We’re constantly sharpening our skills, staying on top of the digital marketing trends. As the marketplace evolves, we adjust. This translates to successful strategies and campaigns for our clients. We’re an active partner with Google, Facebook & Hubspot. In addition we’re proud of maintaining our 5-star Google rating earned through working with our clients.

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