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The Shocking Results of Our E-Mail Analysis of 100 Shopify Stores

Jun 07
Read Time: 5 min
Author: WebMarketers

Email marketing is a sustainable, easy-to-use, free marketing method repeatedly demonstrated to generate significant profit when used properly.

We signed up for the email lists of over 100 Shopify stores to get an impression of how well this notoriously powerful marketing channel was being used by Shopify store owners, and we were floored by what we found.

Almost none of the businesses we signed up with are Email marketing at all,  and of those that were, only a few were doing what they needed to properly capture ROI.

Despite Email marketing’s status as among the most accessible digital marketing channels available, these businesses were not taking advantage of the incredible opportunity that even a basic email marketing strategies are guaranteed to provide.

With little-to-no investment required, a nearly non-existent burden to manage, and demonstrated to generate tremendous value, it’s difficult to understand why these stores aren’t taking advantage of the lucrative opportunity sitting right under their nose.

But we found out.

Our analysis of these 100 Shopify stores revealed not only what these businesses were doing wrong, but also why they seemed incapable of getting things right.

Almost every Shopify store owner wants to realise the benefits of email marketing but a variety of circumstances blocks them from accessing them.

Find out what these blocks are, and how overcoming them is easier than you think, with WebMarketers:


What Shopify Stores Always Seem To Do Wrong:


Mistaken Goals


Almost every theme available on the Shopify platform includes an email capture form by default. The bare minimum requirement to get started email marketing, it generally takes more work to take it off your store than to put it on, so essentially every Shopify store checks the first box required for any effective Email marketing strategy.

Our investigation revealed that despite most Shopify stores having the required fields to capture emails, few of them actually used them, and those that did generally don’t use them right. 

Despite many Shopify businesses stepping up to the email marketing bat and swinging, our analysis revealed that they typically neglect to follow-through; dropping the ball and failing to truly realise the potential that email marketing has to offer.

Here are the mistakes they make, and how you can do differently:


They Don’t Automate Emails


Email MarketingThere are hundreds of email automation platforms and services available out there, and one is guaranteed to meet the needs of your business.

So it’s surprising that so many of the emails we got back from Shopify stores were obviously not created with the assistance of one of these services. We knew this due to the fact that they:

  • Lacked the branding and professional aesthetics that services like MailChimp make effortless.
  • Did not come on a consistently scheduled basis.
  • Sometimes were exclusively text, containing taglines like ‘Sent from Mail for Windows 10’


It’s Hard Work To Take Shortcuts


We have a huge amount of respect and admiration for store owners who are willing to put in the time and energy required to input, by hand, each and every address they’ve captured for their store in Gmail every time they want to send out an E-Mail blast.

But we cannot understand why they would ever do it when services like MailChimp for Shopify can reduce the time and energy required to do the same job by an order of magnitude.

Not only does email automation like this save a massive amount of time in the day-to-day management and administration of email marketing, but it equips you with tools you can use to track the success of your efforts, and invaluable data to improve future email conversions.

They Don’t Segment Their Email Addresses


Once you’ve become familiar with your email automation software, there are a hundred different ways you can use it to generate value for your business. In no time, you can send out:

  • Promotional offers to create repeat sales.
  • Review requests to increase product conversions.
  • Curated content to produce social shares and engagements.
  • etc.

We found that of the 100 Shopify email lists we signed up for, of those who sent us emails, most pigeon-hole their email marketing strategy exclusively into the promotional offer tactic.

And this is a problem.

Email SegmentationThere’s nothing wrong with promotional offers, as they have a demonstrated reputation for generating sales.

The issue is that every email recipient is going to be more or less susceptible to converting to this particular tactic.

Some that receive promotional offers won’t convert but might have if sent content or an invite to review.

When you send out the same email to your entire email list, you miss out on the opportunity to cultivate these conversions.


The Art Of Thinking In Groups


Email automation software can help you identify and capitalise on opportunities to extract value from your email list.

By installing apps like MailChimp or an equivalent email automation suite to your store, you can integrate a powerful suite of analytics into your email strategy, adding value to every email address you receive.

Instead of sending a single email out to your entire email list, automation software can identify unique groups, and automatically send out emails to capitalise on their particular circumstances. Consider:

Consider these potential grouping tactics:

  • Abandoned Carts: If a user has left their email and abandoned a cart, MailChimp will allow you to automatically send promotional offers on their potential order. Sometimes pennies can make or break a sale, and systems like this help your store go that extra inch to influence the purchase decisions of potential customers.
  • Geography: If you sell camping gear worldwide, what sense is there offering a promotion on winter gear to Hawaii residents? Targeting your emails based on geography allows you to zero-in on precise customer needs and better drive conversions.
  • Past Purchases: Analytics engines can identify ‘purchase stories’, patterns of purchasing that can be used to drive further purchases. If a customer buys a pregnancy test, then neonatal vitamins, followed by an order of baby formula; you can tailor future offers to anticipate future needs. A discount on diapers deployed at just the right time to this customer can make a sale, and automating the task as part of your email strategy allows you to do it hands-free!


Email Copy Is Not Engineered to Drive Conversions


There is a good reason that professional copywriters aren’t cheap.

Quality copy that is written to reflect the needs wants, and expectations of your viewers converts. It might require an upfront investment, but this investment provides far better return than the savings you can expect from DIYing your email copy.

The bitterness of low-quality copy lasts longer than the sweetness of a low cost, but unfortunately, this is a reality lost on many of the Shopify stores we gave our email address to.

It costs less money to write your own copy compared to hiring professionals, but it does not cost less overall. Here’s why:


The Hidden Expenses of DIY Copy


Compared to professional copy, writing yourself requires less cash. This is an obvious benefit, but it comes at a cost.

To say that a businesses ‘saves’  with this approach is inaccurate. Not only does this approach only exchange a monetary investment for an investment of your time and energy, but it produces significantly less return!

But this does not mean it is always a bad idea!

Different stores have different circumstances, and yours might make self-written email copy a perfectly wise tactic.

But simply sitting down and tapping away at a keyboard isn’t the answer.

The principles and strategies professionals use are freely available to you, and taking 10 minutes to expose yourself to them can massively increase email conversions.

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A 3% increase in your conversion rate can yield a massive boost to your bottom line, and deploying just a few principles used by professionals can be all it takes to make that boost!

Reinvest the profits your copy makes you into professional writing, and you can watch your conversion rate grow and grow!


Everything You Need For Email Marketing Success


These are only the most obvious insights revealed from an external analysis of Shopify email campaigns.

Social Tools BusinessA comprehensive understanding of how you can realise all the benefits email marketing has to offer requires an internal analysis.

To discover the opportunities available for your Shopify store, send us a link to your store with a brief description of where your business is, and where you’d like your digital marketing to help you take it. We’ll provide a no-obligation assessment of your situation, and help point you in the direction of resources that can help you overcome your obstacles and achieve your goals!

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