Wavve Boating App

Wavve Boating App.

Web Design & Development for a Mobile App.



Wavve had a well designed and developed app, but wanted a website to further promote it. Wavve had specific design goals in mind, trying to reflect the app in an online experience and further appeal to new customers; boat clubs across North America.

The app was only currently active in some locations, meaning users would download in an area Wavve didn’t serve and promptly leave a negative review. Wavve wanted to eliminate this from happening as much as possible, and reached out to WebMarketers to create a new website.


North America





With the design goals clearly outlined, WebMarketers created a website with a huge focus on superimposing graphics from the app into real life images on the website to demonstrate through design and interface how the product would benefit its customer base.

A map integration and map imagery was used to show locations the app was currently active in, and an entire customer members portal was created which required a detailed API integration with their app infrastructure.

The end result was a visually impressive website that appealed to their
target customers, matched the app styling, and provided a seamless integration into the app.


The Results

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