Groovy Yurts

Groovy Yurts.

Digital Marketing & Automation To Sell Big Ticket Items Online.



To build a presence that generates traffic online, and builds enough trust on the website for a user to purchase a big-ticket item without seeing the product in person.

A secondary challenge was to help Groovy Yurts streamline their internal sales process, separating sales of new yurts and parts requests in a CRM.


Yurt & Housing






To create a website that is heavily focused on photography, showcasing the product, and building trust with the users.

To do this WebMarketers created a WordPress website, and sliders throughout the website that could showcase multiple images.

The website greatly expands on the Groovy Yurts story, the authenticity of the yurts, how they’re made in Mongolia, and focuses heavily on the team behind Groovy Yurts.

To address their internal sales process and help them streamline the process we created a custom integration of Zoho’s CRM that could easily capture all leads from the website and organize them for the internal sales and parts team.

Using custom blueprints and automations we simplified the process and enabled Groovy Yurts to continue growing without having to double or triple their sales team.


The Results

100 %

Increase in Organic Traffic

129 %

Increase in Phone Calls

15 k+

users monthly

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