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As a small business looking to capture market share in the competitive yet prosperous landscape of online marketing, you need a working partner you can trust.  We’re a down to earth team that will get in the trenches and help you achieve steady growth… a team that will take your call when an urgent business matter is on the line.

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Creating Your Unfair Advantage

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Business is founded on relationships, and we want to get to know you. Any successful web development project or marketing plan requires input from you, the business owner. Whether that’s approving designs for a new website or simply having monthly reports sent to you our goal is to maximize the experience of all our clients. WebMarketers Kelowna has a 5 star rating on Google because transparency, availability, and most importantly results speak for themselves.

Every house needs a solid foundation just as every digital marketing plan needs a solid website. Your website is what turns visitors into paying customers. Turning your website into a finely tuned sales machine is vital to the success of any digital marketing plan, and the first step to establishing your business as a market leader. Whether you need a quick tuning, visual overhaul, or to start from scratch our team can guide you the entire way through.

Once your website meets our standards, we create a targeted digital marketing plan that’s tailored to maximize your return on investment. We focus on results, the results that matter: sales. Our integrated marketing solutions use a variety of the tools available to digital marketers to target high value traffic that will actually turn into customers. With WebMarketers’ transparency, you know what we’re doing for you every step of the way.

Stagnation is the death of modern businesses; we work just as hard for our client’s a year into the relationship as we did the first day. Once your business is the market leader we work with you to expand your sales, your business, and most of all your profits. Our team not only creates an unfair advantage; we build on it every day you work with us.

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We make a difference for our clients; see what some of them have said about our marketing solutions:

Our Web Design Portfolio

An Unfair Advantage begins with a great site. Check out our work:

Our Digital Marketing Services

Designed to establish an ROI you can grow your business around.

Search Engine Optimization

Great Websites Need Visitors!

With 85% of Google search traffic clicking through to organic search results, organic traffic represents one of the biggest opportunities for you to grow your online presence and steadily improve your marketing ROI.  Our search experts can help your website align with Google’s 200 Ranking Factors, improving rankings and increasing organic search traffic.

Proper SEO involves consideration for both on-page and off-page ranking factors. Contact us for an idea of where we can help!


SEM / Pay-Per-Click

Turning Your Marketing Dollars Into Sales: Immediately.

Google generated $19.1 billion from ad revenue alone in 2015, for the simple reason that paid advertising works. It’s estimated that the average business will generate $2+ in revenue for every $1 spent on ads. In essence, PPC is the simplest form of digital marketing: spend a set amount of money to make an immediate flat return.

In practice pay-per-click ads can quickly become a resource drain for business owners, inexperienced users can quickly waste thousands of dollars a month paying for traffic that simply doesn’t turn into revenue. The WebMarketers team are certified Google partners, and experts in all forms of Google and social advertising. We have the team you can trust to turn a quick profit for your business, all-the-while building sustainable & steady growth.


Content Marketing

Build, Develop, & Educate Your Customer Base

If a company website is the foundation of a digital marketing campaign, content is the frame. Content allows businesses to educate, engage, and interest customers across a great number of platforms. It allows you to diversify your message, to set your business apart from the industry by engaging potential customers with information, instead of the steady stream of sales messages they see every day.

Effective content marketing is an important component of every digital marketing strategy, planning out the type of content and messaging that will best engage your potential customers. The WebMarketers content team works with you, to understand the technicalities of your industry and how you can differentiate yourself from your competitors.


Social Media

Connect & Interact With People Interested In Your Service

Social media has become central to how people interact with each other, businesses, and groups. An effective social campaign needs to tie your content, messaging, and involvement in the community into a set of actions that encourage your digital audience to interact and engage with your business and brand.

Our brand managers operate effective strategies that grow your following online, and actively engage with your customer base to keep them involved and promoting your business. Contact us today, and see what our social experts can do for you.


Case Studies

Service Case Study

We’ve worked with a wide variety of service companies, helping them generate and evergreen source of new business leads. Read more about Enviropure Home Services.


Professional Case Study

Growing your presence as a professional relies on a trusting web presence.  See how we helped Capital Choice Counselling increase monthly lead count by 341%!


Social Case Study

Do you have customers that are active on social media? Learn how you can build your brand, like BeaverTails did, by getting involved socially.


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