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Who Is International Documents Canada?

IDOCS Canada provides clients with document authentication and verification services. This is the Canadian equivalent of an Apostille, which may be required when using Canadian documents in a foreign country.

The Challenge

Over the past few years, IDOCs AdWords campaign had gotten out of control in terms of size and structure, which made it incredibly hard to manage and optimize for the business owner. Though it was profitable, with a conversion rate of only 2.14% they knew that they were leaving clients and profit on the table. The owner was also worried that building a new account would cause an interruption to their normal stream of leads from AdWords leads.

The Solution

WebMarketers provided a thorough AdWords strategy and analysis for setting up a new AdWords account, and ended up with a 20 page report!  After being given the green light to setup the new account, implementation began.  The campaigns were structured such that it would be very easy to scale budgets up and down for various services that they provide, based upon their profitability.


To mitigate the risk of the switch and allow the new account to gather data, WebMarketers paused half of the campaigns on the old account, and turned on the matching half on the new account.  After about a week, the rest of the old campaign was paused, and the new account was fully operational.


With the new account in place and ongoing optimization, IDOCs AdWords conversion rate is currently sitting at 12.47%!  This has led to IDOCs having their most successful year ever with more new clients than ever before.

2016 AdWords Stats

Cost Per Click: $3.09

Click Through Rate: 3.2%

Conversion Rate: 2.14%

2017 AdWords Stats

Cost Per Click: $2.33

Click Through Rate: 5.92%

Conversion Rate: 12.47%

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