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Content Marketing

The Story of Your ‘What’ & ‘Why’

“Wait,” you say, “I’m supposed to give away content for free?” Absolutely! Think about the people in life whom you know, like and trust.

Talk To An Expert.

Content Marketing is creating a lot of buzz in the marketing world today.

And with good reason. Content is all about story. The story of what you do and why you do it.

Storytelling, of course, isn’t a new concept. Nor is content marketing. It’s just been rebranded into this current label and adopted across a broader spectrum, most notably in digital form. That means it’s here to stay. And that’s great news! You’ve got a real opportunity to get the word out about what it is that you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

Even better, should you wish to partner with a marketing agency who’s got years of experience in content marketing, you’ll enjoy peace of mind and return on investment as an expert team strategizes, crafts and delivers your story to the right audience(s) using the most effective platforms.

So, What Makes Good Content Marketing?

It Should Be Engaging, Relevant and Useful

But first…

Just What Is Content? And Why Is It So Important?

Content is whatever people see and whatever you want them to experience. Words, photos, video, and audio are the big four means of content delivery. The more of these that you use, the better. (just make sure you always connect the goal of the campaign with the call to action) Here are some of the major forms of content as it pertains to your website:

  • Service Pages

One of the primary page types on a website, service pages (‘What We Do’) tell your audience not only what you do but why you do it.

  • It’s a chance to define your product offering…
  • …as well as to expand your story with the ‘why’ (your why, and why the visitor should trust you) …
  • …and the ‘what’s in it for me’ for your audience
  • In other words, a service page doesn’t have to be dry and boring; in fact, it’d better not be
  • Hint: you’re reading one right now!
  • About Page

Does your website have a good About page? (‘About Us’ etc.)

  • It’s an easy and effective way of using content to tell more about ‘who’ you are and ‘why’ you’re in business
  • Conversations can really flow well here, telling people the story of why you started this business, what motivates you to get up in the morning (or not sleep at night) to deliver a quality product or service to people, etc.
  • You can also show the story of your organization through images: team photos, headshots, candid shots, your office environment, events, etc.
  • Another bonus is that an About page will help bolster your SEO, so make sure this is easily found by visitors (and Google) on your site.
  • Blog

With your ‘what’ and ‘why’ established, blog posts give you the freedom to engage your audience in conversation about various topics that give value and are worthy of their time. Gone are the days when you needed permission (or a big ad budget) to transmit your message; you now have free reign and a theoretically unlimited audience to whom you can convey your content.

  • Write about what you know about and (more importantly) what your audience will find interesting and useful
  • Make people look forward to your next blog posts with anticipation
  • Write guest posts on other blogs and invite others as guests on your blog, expanding your sphere of influence
  • Make your blog content compelling and deliver it on a consistent basis, and you’ll grow an audience of fans and enjoy ROI in the form of added business coming your way.
  • Podcasts

Your options for connecting through content aren’t limited to words on a page.

  • Podcasts are a powerful means of reaching your audience with content that’s similar in value to blog posts, but in a format that sounds’ more like a conversation.
  • Podcasts are great since people can listen to your content on the go, subscribing to your podcast (if it’s compelling and consistent) and becoming not only fans of your podcast but potential customers for your business
  • Podcasts also leverage word of mouth to proliferate your content and your brand, as people tend to talk with friends and colleagues about the podcasts they listen to and why they find value in them.
  • Video

Add another dimension to the conversation by creating video content, letting customers and fans see you as real people.

  • Incorporate video content by adding it to your YouTube channel and then embedding it on your site
  • What works well for video? Instructional content is particularly effective, educating the customer on your product or service, giving how-to’s and answering frequently asked questions, etc.
  • It’s also a good medium for introducing new products, showcasing team members, and highlighting client success stories.

Do all of this, and you’re well on your way to establishing yourself as a trusted expert. Want to take your content marketing game even further? Of course, you do.

  • Publications
  • eBooks, case studies, market reports and analyses, etc.
  • You can build content from scratch and give it to your customers in a downloadable, take-away format (often in exchange for getting an email address, subscription, etc.)
  • This is a highly effective way to deliver value, strengthening the perception that you are a subject matter expert and a trusted resource

Want to see a nice example of this?

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Okay, So That’s Content…

And We’re Going to Just Give It Away??!

“Wait,” you say, “I’m supposed to give away content for free?” Absolutely! Think about the people in life whom you know, like and trust. Are they constantly asking you for things? Or, more likely, are these the people who are always there for you, always willing to give? Turns out, the same goes for business. People want to do business with companies they like and trust.

Giving content establishes you as a trusted expert, someone who not only knows their field inside and out but who understands what’s important to the customer and cares enough to help first. This is how you establish and grow a loyal base of followers. It is also how you’ll ultimately make sales to these customers with long-term, sustainable results.

Okay, so content marketing generates awareness, it expands your influence. But how does it produce tangible results to your bottom line? In a word: “Traffic.”

A visitor to your website has usually arrived either by search or through social media (with the rest arriving from an ad or direct marketing, etc.).

Armed with more information about what your audience is looking for, you can make your content more relevant. This greatly improves the chance that people will listen to what you have to say, keep listening, and eventually become customers and/or repeat customers.

It also gives you a better chance of driving traffic. As your content addresses many of the search keywords (both paid and organic) that your audience is using, you’re more likely to pick up increased traffic to your site. The goal here is to create a perpetual content cycle:

Offer Content, Get More Traffic?

Structuring Your Website Content for Optimal Performance

Specifics That Will Help You Engage Visitors & Tell The Story of Your Business

Now that you’ve got a clear goal of creating content that drives traffic, your job is to engage your visitors and guide them along the story you wish to share.

How do you do that? What kind of specifics go into a website that’s well-structured for content?

Service pages, Blogs, and About pages are the building blocks. With these three sections, you’re well on your way to telling the ‘what,’ ‘who’ and ‘why’ of your story.

What more could you do to strengthen this? Go for the following:

And now for the part where you get to (or ‘have to,’ depending on how you feel about such things) toot your own horn. Show your work (in a section on your site called ‘our work,’ for example, that gives samples of how you’ve achieved results for your clients). Give details here and elsewhere on:

1.The experience you’ve built

2.The awards you’ve won

3.The business you’ve earned

4.Testimonials from customers, detailed reviews, etc

5.The results you’ve achieved for customers

6.Your certifications

Want to see an example of a site that does this well?

Meet Integrity Masonry, one of our many clients with a
19.35% overall website conversion rate!

Integrity Masonry Check out what they do right!

Good Content Starts With Why

After you’ve attracted a visitor to your site, the main question you need to ask yourself in order to produce great content is ‘Why’. Ask yourself why a customer is on your site. Then answer their (implied) question, “why should I trust you?” First things first, you have to grab their attention. An image and headline in a blog post, for example, should tell the audience why they’ll want to read the story.

As you are creating your content, e.g. a service page or blog post, remember that establishing trust means conveying value clearly. You’ve got a multitude of options when it comes to doing this, of course, but here are some things worth keeping in mind:

  • No matter how much expertise you bring in theory, your message won’t be heard unless you can grab and keep people’s attention
  • Outrageous or controversial claims are effective – when backed up with evidence
  • Be objective, show that you’re on their side
  • Headlines with numbers are 70% more likely to be clicked
  • Establish credibility, early and often
  • Dispel common myths
  • Give, and then give some more… that’s value

When building a content marketing strategy and thinking about the giving we can be doing through content, many stumble for unique ideas.

Consider the following as a starting point to get the ideas flowing:

Idea 1 – Give tips and tools that the customer can use, on things that are ancillary to your product offering

Idea 2 – Make sure the content comes off as useful AND entertaining

Idea 3 – Encourage feedback about the content to spark an ongoing, two-way (or multi-party) discussion

Idea 4 – Be a curator of content; go out and find useful and relevant information from third parties (news articles, blogs, reports, studies, etc.) that your customers would find of value

Idea 5 – Put on your ‘editor’ hat, and review all content as a reader/viewer/listener, asking specific questions such as:
– “Does this provide value?”
– “Is this giving me enough?”
– “Does this make me think of the company as an expert?”
– “Would I trust you more as a result of this content?”

Case Study
Capital Choice Counselling

Capital Choice Counselling is one example of a WebMarketers client for whom we’ve achieved successful results in content marketing.

As evidenced across service pages, blog posts, and elsewhere on their website, content creation and management is part of a long-term strategy that complements their other marketing efforts in Social Media, Search, Email, etc. While those are paying off in the short and medium term, Capital Choice can take a consistent, slow-burn approach with its content.

With the website’s ‘about’ page and service pages detailing their experience and product offerings, Capital Choice started running blog posts on a regular basis. These have included posts on depression, anxiety, substance abuse, mental health in the workplace, and other issues that are rightfully getting more attention nowadays. All of this content is intended to provide value to the customer in the form of useful, relevant information.

The long-term effects?
– Capital Choice positions itself as a trusted expert in the eyes of the customer
– Search traffic has increased, as Google sees this site as having more authority
– Capital Choice is getting more relevant traffic, as potential clients are searching for the specific keywords addresses within its blog content

“For the last 24 hours I’ve been running it, my conversion rate is on FIRE. Significantly increased the amount of daily email signups I was seeing before. This is insane.”


Digging Deeper With Content

Keys to Help Guide Your Content Writing

1.Get To The Point

Hit the main points early and hit them often.

2.Skimmable Content

A reader should be able skim your content, extracting 80% of your message’s value by reading 20% of the page

3.Mix in Photos and Videos

People are more likely to keep scrolling if you mix in photos, video, etc. (and less likely to continue reading a wall of text)

Once you’re in the flow, make sure you keep giving. After all, that’s what this is all about. Content marketing means giving value.

Once you’ve given enough, then you can ask for their business. Inform the customer of your product offering. Remind them of the experience and expertise that has built your brand. Link to service pages on your site. Mix this in subtly with the rest of the content, in an appropriate context. If you’re giving enough and asking the right way, people will want to buy.

This is human nature, known as the principle of reciprocity, which author Robert Cialdini cites as one of the six pillars of persuasion.

The first thing you do when building influence through content marketing (and the next thing, and the thing after that) isn’t promote or sell; it’s give

4.Give your customers information and tools

5.Give your customers entertainment value

6.Show personality and be positively engaged (comments, reviews, etc.)

Do this on a consistent basis and, in turn, people will come to view you over time as a trusted expert and influencer in your field. That’s when you can ask for their business.

Content Marketing Do’s & Don’ts

Recapping What We’ve Learned About Effective Content marketing

Tips for a successful content marketing:

  • Think like a consumer – Once you’ve identified who your customer is, put yourself in their shoes and work back from that
  • Remember to keep a balance of “give” and “ask” Ensure that your customer continues to perceive value in your content
  • Also, be sure to maintain continuity (what you advertise vs. what you write about vs. what you’re asking people to do next); if this isn’t in alignment, people will lose confidence and your conversion rate will drop

Here’s what NOT to do with your content marketing:

  • Ask for the customer’s business too early and/or too often
  • Talk (or shout) at the customer, rather than engaging with them
  • Fail to provide value for the customer, focusing too much on yourself and/or on what you think is important or interesting (rather than focusing on what they want)
  • Have a message that is inconsistent, convoluted, and/or otherwise not aligned with your brand or product offering

How Can WebMarketers Help?

We Bring a Successful Track Record in Content Marketing

We’ve achieved successful results for numerous clients with content marketing.

Get In Touch Let Us Help You Succeed!

WebMarketers can help you by:

Idea 1 – Give tips and tools that the customer can use, on things that are ancillary to your product offering

Idea 2 – Strategizing content that will engage your audience, as well as be appropriate for the means (e.g. for SEO content, creating substance but also adding the right mix of keywords, keyword density, etc.)

Idea 3 – Writing, editing, and maintaining content – we have an expert team that eats, sleeps and breathes content, doing the heavy lifting and giving you the peace of mind to focus on what you do best

Don’t forget, a great idea doesn’t stop after you’ve created one piece of content. All great ideas can be utilized across multiple channels to reach a wider audience. We focus on where you are most likely to capture your audience in their preferred way(s).

Want To Do EVEN More?

As a business owner, you’ve got a lot of ideas worth sharing.

1. Do you want to build credibility and authority?

2. Do you want to be inspirational?

3. Do you want to be viewed as a leader?

4. Would you like to get the satisfaction of helping others?

5. Would you like to be an influencer?

With WebMarketers, you’ll have a team to help you achieve this and more!

Let’s sit down and strategize a plan to help you build an eager audience that is waiting to hear what you have to say.

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