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Documents Canada

IDOCS Canada provides clients with document authentication and verification services. This is the Canadian equivalent of an Apostille, which may be required when using Canadian documents in a foreign country.


The Challenges They Faced

AdWords Campaign issues

Over the past few years, IDOCs AdWords campaign had gotten out of control in terms of size and structure, which made it incredibly hard to manage and optimize for the business owner.

Though it was profitable, with a conversion rate of only 2.14% they knew that they were leaving clients and profit on the table. The owner was also worried that building a new account would cause an interruption to their normal stream of leads from AdWords leads.

The Solution

Thorough Google Ads Strategy

WebMarketers provided a thorough Google Ads strategy and analysis for setting up a new Google Ads account  detailing:

  • How the campaign’s targeting could be optimized
  • How to improve campaign’s structure
  • How to improve the campaign’s quality scores

Implemented Changes

Now that it was clear to International Documents Canada how their Google Ads campaign could be improved, it was time for WebMarketers to take action!

  • WebMarketers implemented the recommended changes 
  • The new account was structured to allow easy budget scaling 
  • WebMarketers incrementally made the shift from the old to the new account

Client Testimonial

Naturally George Brook, the CEO of International Documents Canada was hesitant to work with a marketing agency due to the complex nature of his industry but his thoughts have changed since working with WebMarketers.

With thorough research and analysis of both International Documents Canada’s services as well as its digital market, WebMarketers was able to build trust with George and in turn help him find success online.

Increasing Conversions & Lowering Costs in a Complex Niche

George Brook

International Documents Canada

The Results

WebMarketers overhaul of International Document Canada’s Google Ads campaign allowed for an exceptional increase in performance which allows for an even greater return on investment.

Cost-Per-Click reduced by


Click Through rate Increased by


Click Through rate Increased by


Return On Investment


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