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Enviro Painting

Enviro Painting provides customers with professional home and commercial painting services in the Ottawa area.  They provide both interior and exterior painting, deck and fence staining, drywall repair and more!


The Challenges They Faced

Lack of ROI with Previous Marketing Company

Enviro-Painting had hired a digital marketing company before, but unfortunately they were unable to provide return on investment that they were hoping for. After meeting and discussing goals, it was evident that in order to get a positive ROI some conversion optimization work would be essential.

Conversion Optimization

Before coming to WebMarketers, Enviro Painting’s website conversion rate was a real pain point in his existing marketing campaign. Having a low conversion rate, Enviro Painting’s lead generation costs were through the roof, leaving very little room for profit through his campaign. The first step to increasing his marketing ROI would be improve the rate at which his visitors turn into customers.

The Solution

Website Conversion Optimization

Since the website was recently built, WebMarketers was able to work with the existing WordPress theme and redesign several key pages

  • Designed a trust-building slider using the owner’s image
  • Incorporated a contact form into the main slider
  • Added a mini FAQ section above the contact form for quick answers
  • We used recent photos and testimonials to add trust elements.

New Google Ads & SEO Strategy

Once the site was optimized for conversions, it was easy for WebMarketers to look at Enviro-Painting’s recent clients and create an ideal profile to use in all marketing efforts.

  • Created a “client profile” to guide all marketing
  • Setup an SEO strategy and Google Ads campaign
  • Created steady base flow of leads over the medium-longer term
  • Efforts resulted in the most successful year to date, year after year. 

Client Testimonial

Meshal, the owner of Enviro Painting, knew that there was obvious room for improvement with his website and digital marketing campaign but had know idea how successful it could be.

Here is what he had to say about working with WebMarketers and how they have helped him grow his company.

Generating Leads with a New Website

Meshal Shammari


The Results

Through the creation of service specific pages, improved conversion optimization and a rebuild of his Google Ads campaign, Enviro Painting continues to set new internal records for sales year after year.

Monthly Leads


Conversion Rate


Montly Traffic


Google Ad Clicks


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