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Who Is Air North?

Air North is an airline that is based in Whitehorse, Yukon. They offer domestic passenger and freight flights here in Canada from as far up north as Dawson City, Yukon, down to Vancouver, B.C., in the west, and as far east as Ottawa, Ontario.

The Challenge

Air North came to WebMarketers with a desire to expand and start offering more flights in Eastern Canada, specifically Ottawa. The only problem was, the Air North brand was relatively unknown in the Ottawa area.  In order to fix this, a marketing campaign was planned out to promote awareness of both their flights, and the wide-range of activities available in the Yukon for tourists. This goal framed our digital marketing strategy, as described below.

The Solution

First, we created a brand new Twitter account designed to target Ottawa and Montreal Twitter users to increase awareness of what the Great North has to offer. Starting with no following, it was essential that we would be able to attract a large amount of Twitter followers in a very short time frame. After nailing down client demographics, we launched a data mining campaign with a local company to identify local Twitter users who fit the profile.  Once we had created a list, we used Twitter ads to market to them to inform people about all the great activities available in the North and that Air North provided the best customer service in the airline industry.  Targeting Air North’s user demographic was an effective method of growing the Twitter account while appealing to people who would be most likely to book a flight with them. Through strategically targeting and retweeting relevant bloggers, as well as interacting with and growing Air North’s followers, we were able to spread awareness in Eastern Canada for the great adventures that the Yukon holds.

Twitter Followers

December 2015: 0

December 2016: 2997


December 2015: 17,300

December 2016: 139,300

Site Traffic

January 2016: 170

January 2017: 499

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