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6 Common Conversion Rate Killers, and How To Fix Them Right Now

Apr 27
Read Time: 6 min
Author: WebMarketers

As you read these words, visitors are bouncing from your website, contributing nothing of value to your business.

Find out how to identify the mistakes your website is making right now, and how to easily fix them, and you can enjoy all the benefits of a high conversion rate.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to optimize your site for eCommerce, lead generation, or simply more subscribers to your personal blog. Learn the following 6 conversion crimes we see websites make every day, and you’ll come to realize the advantages of a high conversion rate.

1) Your Site is Trying To Accomplish Too Many Goals


Digital marketing provides an extensive range of options when it comes to measuring value.

Conversions, engagements, total site visits, interactions per visit, time on site; the list of available values to design your marketing strategies around and measure their success is endless. It can be tempting to want to try them all, but focusing on one at a time is more likely to yield success.Focused Digital Marketing Strategy

It is far more reasonable to expect success from a strategy that devotes it’s available resources to a few, highly focused goals than to devote those resources generally. Focus is a fundamental virtue of successful digital marketing strategies, and without it you will ham-string any efforts you take in the digital domain.

The Key is to Focus Your Efforts

‘Digital’ and ‘slow’ are not often words we associate with each other, but when it comes to digital marketing; sometimes ‘slow and steady wins the race.’

Trying to drive too many metrics spreads your resources thin, and makes it difficult to assess the impact of your efforts. If your conversion rate moves, it can be difficult to asses which variable is responsible. For all you know, changing landing page copy would have increased conversions by 300%; but changing your banner design decreased it as well.

Picking one value at a timeand planning your efforts around driving it not only makes success far more likely, but increases the information available to you to inform future efforts. When you know what works and what doesn’t, all future efforts benefit.

2) You’ve Got Really Bad Copy


Great Copy Creates ConversionsWhen a website’s copy isn’t written for conversions, it doesn’t produce them.

When it is, conversions increase massively. This study from kissmetrics shows how a minor copy adjustment increased L’Axelle’s conversion rate by 93%!

When business owners or employees are tasked with writing content for a page, their content reflect their understanding. Without taking considerations like audience, conversion goals, SEO value, CTA’s, etc; the words on a page fill space but provide no value.

This is why professional copywriters exist. They understand how to engineer on-page copy to drive conversions. While nobody can do it better than a professional, there are some simple principles you can keep in mind while writing website copy that can help drive conversions:

How To Fix It:

When adjusting copy online, it’s important to keep in mind that

  1. Google is reading.
  2. You are writing for response!

Too many businesses write exclusively to provide information on products and services. This is an important aspect, but doesn’t do anything for your business if your copy does not bring you visitors, or lead them to convert!

Google reads every word you write, giving special emphasis to headings and sub-headings. Ensure that these contain keywords that your viewers might be searching, and you can expect Google to funnel more to your website.

But getting them there is only half the battle. Once on-page, it’s important that every word you write is designed not just to inform your reader, but also to drive them to your intended response! An emphasis on information alone will contribute value to a reader, but none to your business, so be sure every sentence you write has your conversion in mind!

3) Poor Aesthetics and Site Design


Sites that look bad perform poorly as well.

Viewers are only more likely to bounce from a page they don’t like the look of. Even if they stay, sites designed poorly don’t foster easy usability, nor do they drive conversions.

Bad Web DesignYour website is a communication tool. If visitors enjoy using it, not only are they likely to stay longer, but they’ll also have a more positive impression of your business and brand.

Design is about form and function, so having good design not only improves a users experience of your brand, but functions to generate value for your business. What your website looks and feels like to a visitor is only half the design equation. Good design also ensures that visitors are led to performing the action you want them to! 

Fixing Poor Design:

There is really no replacement for professional, conversion-optimized web design. While it isn’t cheap, the cost of poor design is much higher, and doesn’t produce return.

While you should never seek out cheap design, it’s not necessarily the case that you have to go with expensive options. Depending on your circumstances and means, an inexpensive design can still produce a significant increase to your conversion rate if you’re struggling with an antiquated site.

4) Sliding Banners


Sliding, or rotating banners kill conversions.

An unfortunate fad in web-design, you might think that having a rotating banner on your page is a good idea.

It’s not.
The facts show that rotating banners:

  • Decrease page readability
  • Frustrate mobile users
  • Impact load speed
  • Distract viewers from other important content

Usability studies
on the impact of rotating sliders have demonstrated that rotating sliders create a phenomenon called ‘banner blindness’.

Never Use Sliding BannersThis study from the Neilsen Norman Group, an organization that provides rigorous experience research and testing, showed that Siemens rotating banner, while aesthetically pleasing, distracted viewers from on-page offers.

While beautiful, rotating banners fail to improve the value of your website. More than just a pretty thing to look at, your website is meant to convert, so make sure it does so by avoiding rotating banners at all costs!

5) Too Many Fields In Your Lead-Gen Form


If it’s the goal of your website to drive lead-generation, do you make it easy for visitors to provide their information?

The more information you require visitors to give you, the less you can expect them to convert. Filling an additional field doesn’t take a lot of energy, but neither does hitting the back button!

Sometimes requiring a lot of information from leads is necessary for your sales team, but that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice conversions with a large lead generation form.

Fix: Use the right tools to keep conversion easy without sacrificing information

Tools like HubSpot Marketing Free offer the perfect balance between availability-of-information for your business, and ease-of-conversion for your visitors. By automatically capturing valuable information about your leads as they sign up, conversion is kept easy, and your sales team is kept equipped with valuable information.

With HubSpot Marketing Free, a viewer merely has to provide an email address, and your sales team gets a comprehensive suite of information on who they are, and what they might want from your business!


6) You’re Using Sales Language


The internet is not television or radio.

If you try and sell or otherwise advertise a product or service, you will not succeed.

People have always hated being sold to. We install adblockers on our devices, skip ads with our PVR’s, change the station on the radio. A person is more likely to win the lottery than click a banner ad, and even when they do, half the clicks are accidental!

Online, it’s far better to listen than to speak, an idea that is often lost on those stuck in traditional sales mentalities.

This means that it’s not about persuading a person to engage with your product with language like “buy now”, “call today”, or “share our page”.

Its about getting them to engage with you by demonstrating you comprehensively understand their needs, wants, and precise expectations.When you can get your visitors to buy youyour products and services sell themselves.

Fix: It’s Marketing, Not to Sales

Salespeople know how to talk a person into purchasing a thing.

Marketers know how to listen to a persons needs, wants, and expectations; so that they can offer them exactly what they’re looking for.

When it comes to Digital Marketing, it can be temping to take the sales approach and try to convince visitors to engage with your products or services, but this approach doesn’t work online!

Those who search for products online aren’t looking to be sold to. They’re looking to find a solution to a problem. Demonstrate intelligently that your product or service is that solution, and your sales will take care of themselves!

More Guidance on Cultivating Conversions


Conversion CultivationThese just 6 tips that you can use to fix the aspects of your pages that are crippling your conversions. The truth is that there are hundreds of mistakes that mistakes commonly make every day that can be fixed quickly and simply; but listing them all here would be impossible!

To find the mistakes your website is making, and information on how to fix them; give us the opportunity to analyze your website by filling out this form. We’d be happy to take a look, and expose you to the options available for you to realize the maximum conversion rate your website is capable of achieving!

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