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5 Shopify Tools To Ignite Your Store in 2017

Apr 21
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Author: WebMarketers

Whether you’re brand new to selling on the Shopify platform, or a grizzled veteran; it pays to keep abreast of the latest and greatest tools out there to help your store succeed.

There are thousands of tools out there, and more being created every day, so navigating the field can be time-consuming without a guide.

Learn 5 tools that can prove essential to your Shopify success in 2017 with WebMarketers!

1) Checkout Boost:


Tap Into The Power of Social


Referrals from social media are a fantastic way to drive sales.


Hubspot Shows that Social Media referrals increase a person’s likelihood to purchase by 71%

90% of people believe brand recommendations from friends.

70% believe consumer opinions (reviews, testimonials)


Checkout boost allows you to access the power of social media by offering your customers the opportunity to receive free gifts by sharing purchases across their social accounts.


Right after posting, a pop-up window will appear offering your purchaser the opportunity to receive a free gift with their purchase for posting their cart to social media.


Upon doing so, this purchase will appear on the social feeds of your purchasers network, exposing your products to a wide audience from a trusted source.


Increase Average Order Value, Prevent Cart Abandonment


Ontop of allowing your customers to post their purchases to Social Media, Checkout Boost provides mechanisms to increase your stores average order value, and decrease cart abandonment.

  • Increase Average Order Value: offer your free gift based on minimum order values; a sales motivator that is proven to increase average cart values.
  • Prevent cart abandonment: CB detects mouse behavior and when it anticipates when customers are about to leave the store, will present an ‘exit intent’ popup offering a discount to keep them on page!



2) SellMob:


Mobile Apps for businesses are exploding in popularity because of the lucrative marketing opportunities they provide. Apps for business allow your offers to be visible to your customers at any given time, a direct marketing channel that brings your business to the forefront of a customer’s awareness at the push of a button.


It was once the case that mobile apps took a significant investment of time, energy, and money to develop. With SellMob for your Shopify Store, that is no longer the case.


Effortlessly Realize the Benefits of an App For Your Store.


Installing SellMob onto your Shopify store allows you to sit back and relax while the app generates a custom mobile app for your store. Pulling information from your store and integrating it into the app, the entire process is taken care of automatically.


Mobile App Development


App Maker and Marketer


The team at SellMob understands that producing an app for your store is only half the battle, and so it offers powerful features to market your app and store as well.


As soon as a purchaser buys a product from your store, they’ll receive a welcome email and an invite to download the app.


As soon as they do, you’ll gain the ability to send notifications directly to their phone alerting them to available discounts, new items, as well as a slew of other features that will increase customer loyalty and lifetime value!


3) SEO Manager


SEO Shopify ManagementSEO is HARD


To those who aren’t experts in the field, SEO might as well be sorcery.


We know why to SEO. The benefits are obvious; organic search are a lucrative and very stable asset to any business online.


How to SEO, however, is anything but obvious. Highly technical, SEO is complex and overwhelming to those who don’t have the time or know-how to become experts.


SEO Manager makes it easy.


The #1 SEO tool for Shopify stores, SEO Manager makes optimizing your Store for organic searches accessible. It provides a range of easy-to-use tools at your fingertips, allowing you to direct exactly how search engines perceive your site.


More than this, SEO Manager will also provide a range of analytics that you can use to understand how your SEO efforts are performing. With real-time feedback, you can refine and optimize your SEO profile to maximize traffic to your site, attracting more potential customers and making more sales!


4) AfterShip


There’s are good reasons that AfterShip has so consistently enjoyed its position at the top of the shipping category of Shopify’s app store. On the back-end and the front-end of your business, it just makes things better.


Grow, Don’t Just Manage, Your Business


On the back end, AfterShip consolidates shipping management from multiple couriers into one easy-to-use platform.


The value this provides your business cannot be understated. Reducing the burden of time and energy you spend managing your business frees up that time to invest in growing it, and few things take more time and energy in eCommerce than shipping management.

Supporting over 380 couriers, including FedEx, USPS, UPS, DHL, and CanadaPost; AfterShip gives you comprehensive information and control over every aspect of shipping. When customers get in touch concerning shipping issues (and they certainly will), AfterShip takes hopping from platform to platform out of the equation, allowing you to fix the issue in no time!



Strengthen Your Brand With Custom Tracking Pages


AfterShip provides Shopify store owners the ability to effortlessly generate branded tracking page for every shipment.


Including your logo, a link to your store and social accounts, pictures from Instagram, videos from Youtube, etc. not only improves your customer’s experience of your brand, but drives engagements and improves SEO!


Market Directly With Delivery Notifications


Who doesn’t love a delivery notification? Knowing our awaited package is ready for us at home is like a little taste of Christmas! With AfterShip, you can set up delivery notifications for your customers via email or SMS, associating that wonderful feeling with your brand, and providing yet more opportunities for customer engagement!


Get Your Money’s Worth On Install


Best of all, AfterShip is totally free for stores with under 100 shipments per month!


With no budget required, there’s no risk to giving AfterShip a spin for your Shopify Store!


5) MailChimp For Shopify


The quintessential email marketing management service MailChip is a tremendously powerful platform, and with the MailChimp Shopify app, it’s even more powerful.


Powerful Email Automation is a Breeze


One of the most robust and easy-to-use marketing automation services, MailChimp and its Shopify App counterpart makes Email marketing easy.


Far more than just automation software, MailChimp provides tools you can use to target email campaigns based on buyer behavior. Packing a robust analytics engine, MailChimp will track how visitors interact with your site, and process that data into easy to read and understand metrics you can use to inform your email marketing strategies.

Email Marketing Shopify Store

Example of MailChimp for Shopify’s easy to use interface. (Credit: Shopify App Store)


Finding a segment of visitors apparently interested in a product, but bouncing off the page or abandoning their cart? All it takes is sending them an email offering them 10% off, or free shipping, to capture those sales!


And with Mailchimp, making that email is unbelievably simple.


Easily Create Professional Quality Email Marketing Material


Integrating MailChimp with your Shopify store makes professional quality email marketing for your business as easy as dragging and dropping.


Access the MailChimp app for Shopify, and you’ll be greeted with a range of mechanisms to offer deals and promotions, as well as tools that will allow you to produce an email aesthetic that reflects your brand in seconds.

Credit: Mailchimp.com


Capturing value from abandoned carts, inactive customers, or post-purchase customers via email has never been easier for Shopify Store operators than with MailChimp for Shopify.


With only minutes required to become aware of opportunities to capture value and powerful tools to do so, you can watch in amazement as MailChimp unlocks the power of email marketing for your Shopify Store.

Shopify Success with WebMarketers

When you have the right systems and tools at your disposal, promoting the success of your Shopify store is easier than you might think!

But getting the absolute most out of them comes from knowing how to deploy them as part of a total digital marketing strategy.

Using these tools is a great start for success on the Shopify platform, but really rocket-boost your digital marketing efforts takes professional insight and experience. Find out how your Shopify store can be taken to new heights by starting a conversation with WebMarketers!

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